Om Os

This Nicaragua Community website is of the people, for the people and by the people that are living in Nicaragua, thinking of it and or just envious of those people having the gumption to do so.

Amy and Darrell Bushnell moved to Nicaragua in 2006 after five years of visiting this small yet intriguing country. After many months of research and work, the website was launched to help and entertain expats living here, visiting or just thinking about it. It has a lot of information to answer the typical questions of potential and existing expats. It also has our diaries and blogs of our experiences showing the good, den onde og den grusomme.

One of the hardest things to find in Nicaragua is reliable information which resulted in our distributing an email newsletter to many of the expats living in the area. Then tourists and people considering Nicaragua began requesting it. Everyone wanted it to just be a simple sharing of community information. The needs quickly outgrew the format since we needed an events calendar, a classified section, regular articles and much more which required a continuing presence such as a website which could be referenced when needed. It was agreed to combine the newsletter with a website. The newsletter could report the news snippets and announce new articles but always link back to this website for the complete information. What good is the announcement of an item being for sale if you cannot tell when and if it was sold?

So welcome to the Community Connection – Nicaragua. Use the contact form to send suggestions, articles, comments or to ask questions.

Major thanks to Lou Larsen who helped me get this thing going.