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Centro do Oportunidad – A New Literacy Center Opening in January

Neighbors to Nicaragua is a US-based NGO focused on helping some of Nicaragua’s most needy, primarily in and around Granada. Our core focus has been on education – general education tutoring and additional support for younger students, university tuition support for older students, and basic literacy skills for adults looking to improve themselves. Außerdem, we’ve also done quite a bit or work to improve nutrition, basic living conditions, and un-met medical needs for our students and their families.

Over the last year or so, the need for basic literacy skills – for both younger students and adults – has kept resurfacing. We launched a pilot literacy program last year, and it was quickly oversubscribed. Als Ergebnis, we decided the need was so great, it justified the building of our new center – Centro de Oportunidad – in the Nueva Esperanza section of Pantanal, in Granada.


This school will have three fully functioning classrooms. We will provide extra tutoring and support for younger students, basic reading and writing for adults, generalized computer education, and eventually a variety of vocational training and support. Außerdem, a comprehensive on-site library will be available for our students and members of their families. And, all of our students will receive a warm, nutritious meal. For many of our students, it will be their only meal of the day.

Construction of the Centro de Oportunidad is just about complete. One of the most rewarding parts of the process was the inclusion of our university students in part of the construction – in essence, those we help were now able to help give back themselves! (the attached photo shows many of our university students volunteering during a Saturday painting day).

In addition to a number passionate individual funders, Neighbors to Nicaragua also received generous support from The Rockerfeller Philanthropy Fund, The SG Foundation, and the Matthew J Haley Trust.

Centro de Oportunidad will officially open on January 30, 2018. We already have twenty-five students signed up for our first wave of classes, and an ever growing waiting list! The people of Nicaragua understand the need for literacy and education. They are willing to invest the time – they just need the facilities and teachers to make it happen.

If you’d like to learn more about Centro do Oportunidad, please visit the Neighbors to Nicaragua website (www.neighborstonicaragua.com). And obviously construction of the Center is the first part. Now we will fund our teachers, a cook, and the on-going operations of the center. If you’d like to get involved, just let us know!

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  1. Paul T

    Januar 22, 2018 bei 2:11 am

    Great progress in education expansion where needed the most!