The CocoMango Times – April 2017

The CocoMango Times
April 2017
Sneak Peek — Youth Activa Enrichment Program
Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, students from all around the Laguna de Apoyo come to participate in our “Youth Activa Enrichment Program” where they can expand their knowledge and skills in music, art, sport, English and environmental conservation.
World Water Day
On March 22nd, we took a field trip to Lake Nicaragua in Granada to celebrate World Water Day with the kids from the Laguna de Apoyo.  Proyecto Mosaico, in collaboration with The School of Comedy and Mime and Proyecto CocoMango, organized the event; more than 100 youth turned up! Proyecto Mosaico planned recycling workshops and water games to spread awareness concerning water conservation and correct waste disposal.  The children played soccer, practiced hoola-hoop and juggling, watched a theater production by Performers Without Borders and participated in a beach clean-up.  The event ended on a savoury note as we took our kids out for lunch.  One girl, Raquel, exclaimed, “this was the best day of my life!” Most youth from the Laguna de Apoyo don’t leave their small community unless if it’s to go to the local market in Masaya.  Visiting the beautiful, colonial city of Granada is an experience of its own.

Thanks to our supportive friends, we are able to create impactful and unforgettable experiences such as these for our youth.

Student Spotlight
This month, we would like to shine the spotlight on our new scholarship student, Mariling Fabiola Ruiz Silva.  She is an intelligent and hard-working student; she is always the first to finish her homework!  Fabiola likes to express her creativity through coloring and handicrafts in our Youth Activa Enrichment Program.  Her favorite school subject is English.  This year, thanks to her scholarship, she can attend a safe private school at the top of the volcano, and has the luxury of learning English as early as grade 4.
Engineers Without Borders
Proyecto CocoMango has been partnering with the Detroit Chapter of Engineers Without Borders since 2013 to fulfill their clean water and sanitation projects in the Laguna de Apoyo.  The engineers arrived again on March 4th, but this time with an app!

An application to identify the needs of clean water and sanitary latrines in the community.  During their time in Nicaragua, members of CocoMango helped facilitate their meetings with local families and the ministry of the environment by serving as guides and translators.  The engineers have collected the data required to move forward with their projects such as the sanitary, eco-friendly latrines they wish to establish for families in need.

We would like to thank our hard-working and perseverant engineers: Megan Royal, Katie Balaze, Jenny Jury, Brad Galo, Joe Sklarczyk, Alex Perkins, Jeff Kodysh and Jack Babcock for all their effort and dedication.

Mariling Fabiola Ruiz Silva


These past few weeks, our students have been learning and creating meticulous bracelet designs for their handicraft store.  Our macramé program has been quite a hit amongst our students as well as our international visitors.  In March alone, our students have sold 25 bracelets.  Way to go team!  For each bracelet sold, our students receive 70% of the profit, and 30% goes towards purchasing new macramé materials.  The idea of this project is that students can express themselves artistically while learning to save money and run a sustainable business.
A special thanks to Megan Royal, Katie Balaze, Jenny Jury, Brad Galo, Joe Sklarczyk, Alex Perkins, Jeff Kodysh and Jack Babcock from the Detroit Chapter of Engineers Without Borders for their visit to the Laguna de Apoyo from March 4th to March 9th.  We hope you are all doing well back home in Detroit, and we are looking forward to seeing you again as our projects progress.  We miss you already — CocoMango Team

Thank you for making a difference

We would like to thank our donors and sponsors for their continuous and generous support.  We are truly grateful to have friends such as yourselves who help us run our programs and activities.


Alex Moore
Alexander Perkins
Andrea Abad
Andy Moore
Arthur Loustalot
Austin Gallegos
Bob Rummock and Ken Feinour
Brad Galo
Catherince Kistler
Claire-Marie Messier and Victor
Courtney Bardonner
Deanne and Hu Bryce
Gabrielle Néron
Geoffroy Marguier
Ginette Gervais
Iban Salaber
Jack Babcock
Jackie Borock
James Barnes and Micheal Grow
Janet Ryan
Jared Epp
Jeff LC
Jeffrey Kodysh
Jenny Jury
Joe Sklarczyk
John Fontaine
Josh Grossman
Julie Dulac
Justin Holmes
Katie Balaze
Kathryn Dickerson
Laust Deleuran

Lillian Dickerson
Linda Dobson
Loveday Ziluca
Marci and Ken Freed
Maria Philip
Marie-Michèle Girard
Megan Royal
Michael Ludin and Michael Grossman
Michael Peng
Michel Couture
Monica Ashwell
Monique Tissot
Nadav Klein
Nadine and Vaughn Beaumaster
Najwa Abouhassan
Navid and Stephanie Nazemi
Patricia Barthélémy
Philip Gallegos
Roch and Debbie Massicotte
Samuel Levy-Micolini
Sara Shoka
Shari and David Leff
Simon Trepanier
Suann and Bob Shuster
Sydney Savage
Tim L
Vincent Archambault
Paradiso Hostel
Proyecto Mosaico
Turning Point School
Wishful Thinking

If you wish to make a donation to Proyecto CocoMango, please visit our GoFundMe page where you can donate via Paypal or with credit/debit card.  You can specify how you would like your contribution to be used, or you can make a general donation.


Current Needs
  • Art Supplies: thread and beads for our macramé project
  • Instruments: guitars, drums, ukuleles
  • Teacher Materials: white board markers, printer, printing paper
  • Sports Equipment: soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs, jerseys
  • Books: Spanish books for ages 3 and up
  • Laptops: used or new, they will be used!

How far does your dollar go?

  • $1 can buy 2 dry-erase markers at a school supplies store in Granada or Masaya
  • $5 can buy 4 books at the used book market in Managua
  • $8 can buy 2 sets of 20 washable markers
  • $20 can buy a high quality soccer ball that is great for futbol sala (soccer on a small court)
  • $50 can pay for transportation for a group of 20 kids to participate in or lead an art, sport or environmental activity in the nearby cities of Granada and Masaya
  • $75 can buy 1 mat that is used for acrobatics classes during our afterschool program
  • $100 can pay ½ of a program director’s living stipend for 1 month
  • $250 can organize a field trip to Volcano Mombacho for 25 kids!
  • $307 can pay for 1 scholarship to a private secondary school for 1 year (school fees, transportation, uniforms)
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