A Parade for the Environment!
On June 6th, Proyecto CocoMango helped organize a parade for the Laguna de Apoyo to promote environmental conservation.  Students from the Pacaya primary school and organizations such as Proyecto Mosaico walked with banners and picked up garbage from the top of the volcano all the way to the bottom.  The Alcaldia brought loud speakers and a marching band.  The parade ended on a good note with an acrobatics, mime, and juggling show performed by the school of Comedy and Mime.  Thank you MARENA, the ministry of the environment, for hosting this successful event.
“Auf Wiedersehen, mi amigo!”
It was hard to say good-bye to our amazing volunteer, Daniel, who volunteered with us from the month of February to May. Daniel participated actively in our Youth Activa Enrichment Program, teaching guitar to our community youth and providing homework help. The children enjoyed playing “Smoke on the Water” and “The Pink Panther” on the guitar. His contagious smile and happy-go-lucky personality will be missed as he continues his voyage towards Panama, and eventually goes back home to his homeland, Germany. We wish him safe travels and many more adventures to come.
Reforestation Day!
On June 5th, members of CocoMango participated in the Laguna de Apoyo’s Reforestation Day.  With the university teachers of Illinois and MARENA (the ministry of the environment), we planted 85 trees.
Thank you MARENA for organizing the event and thank you University of Illinois for donating the trees.
Sustainable Macramé Project
At Proyecto CocoMango, one of our main project areas is art for it opens up the creative side of our students’ minds and helps them develop their motor skills, visual learning, inventiveness, and cultural awareness.
This year, we are exploring the art of macramé. Students have been creating elaborate bracelet designs for themselves, family and friends, and/or CocoMango’s handicraft store.
To maintain a sustainable project, the students decided that 30 percent of the profit must go towards renewing macramé materials. The remaining 70 percent will help our artisans fulfill their educational objectives.
Thanks to this opportunity, Yuliana and Maria Meneses, students of CocoMango, have funded their school field trip to Estelí. They will depart on July 4th; “buen viaje!”
Student Spotlight
In our scholarship program, we have a young artist among us… Susana Tellez is 14 years old and is attending 8th grade.  She has been sponsored by Proyecto CocoMango since the project’s establishment in 2014.  She is a perseverant and creative student who loves to laugh.  At school, her favorite subject is ECA (Expression of Culture and Art).  At Proyecto CocoMango, Susana enjoys learning the art of macramé.  She has developed a talent for bracelet design and is now teaching her fellow peers how to make them as well.
Current Needs
  • Art Supplies: thread and beads for our macramé project
  • Instruments: guitars, drums, ukuleles
  • Teacher Materials: white board markers, printer, printing paper
  • Sports Equipment: soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs, jerseys
  • Books: Spanish books for ages 3 and up
  • Laptops: used or new, they will be used!
World Vets Granada
We are proud to announce our new partnership with World Vets Granada.  From May 8th to May 10th, members of Proyecto CocoMango and World Vets ran a health survey for the domestic animals of the Laguna de Apoyo.  During this trip, the veterinarians dewormed pigs, sheep, horses, cats, and dogs of the community and provided them with vitamins.
With the data collected from our survey, we are now prepared and looking forward to the upcoming animal clinic in November.
How far does your dollar go?
  • $1 can buy 2 dry-erase markers at a school supplies store in Granada or Masaya
  • $5 can buy 4 books at the used book market in Managua
  • $8 can buy 2 sets of 20 washable markers
  • $20 can buy a high quality soccer ball that is great for futbol sala (soccer on a small court)
  • $50 can pay for transportation for a group of 20 kids to participate in or lead an art, sport or environmental activity in the nearby cities of Granada and Masaya
  • $75 can buy 1 mat that is used for acrobatics classes during our afterschool program
  • $100 can pay ½ of a program director’s living stipend for 1 month
  • $250 can organize a field trip to Volcano Mombacho for 25 kids!
  • $307 can pay for 1 scholarship to a private secondary school for 1 year (school fees, transportation, uniforms)
Looking for a fulfilling and eye opening travel experience?
Come volunteer with Proyecto CocoMango!