Cocomango Times – November 2017


Education is a human right – let its spark ignite change and realize our students’ dreams for the future.
Thanks to our generous supporters. We succeeded in sponsoring 14 high school scholarships in 2017. Par December 20th, help us reach our goal of TWENTY for 2018.
Wendy has been sponsored by Proyecto CocoMango since 2014. We are proud to announce that she has graduated and completed her high school education. In 2018, Wendy will be attending university to study medicine with Proyecto CocoMango’s support.
Handouts at the Local Primary School
We had the pleasure of handing out school supplies to the local primary school who we support. We thank our donors from Trivia nights, which we host twice a week at the local hostel Paradiso, for making this possible. It’s really nice to see the children and the teachers’ faces when they receive their share (des cahiers, pens, whiteboard markers, educational posters, etc).
Sterilization Clinic With World Vets Granada
From the 7th to the 9th of November, Proyecto CocoMango helped our partners, World Vets Granada, organize a sterilization clinic for the dogs and cats of the Laguna de Apoyo and El Valle. There is an overpopulation of cats and dogs in our communities who are unhealthy and aggressive. Neutering not only controls the population, but also improves animal health and behaviour.
CocoMango staff and volunteers advertised for the event by going door-to-door in the community, passing out flyers and putting up posters. Our responsibilities were to find locations for the clinic and register the dogs and cats for their surgery.
In only three days, the veterinarians neutered 150 dogs and cats! We thank everyone for their participation and involvement.
A Special Thanks to My Tech Guys
Before Erika left Canada for Nicaragua, a local computer company from the Comox Valley donated a recycled all-in-one computer system to Proyecto CocoMango. The students have been using it for online English lessons, typing classes, homework help, and surfing the web. Thank you My Tech Guys for your generous support.
A Swedish Family Has Joined the Team!
From Gothenburg Sweden, we have a family of three volunteering with us for 2 months. Véronique is immersing herself in all of the projects and activities. Twice a week, she teaches a Kindergarten class where Sally, her two-year old, joins in to play and learn. Peter studies marketing and economics online through a college in Sweden and helps out during our after-school programs and evening English classes.
It has been a very busy time for Proyecto CocoMango, and we have had more and more children joining us this month. We were happy that Veronica took the initiative to go through and organize all of our books, games, crafts, and materials to make room for the new supplies we will need for our after-school programs.
Check out our list below of “Current Needs”
Multilingual Help from Germany!
Leandra arrived in October through the coordination of Proyecto Mosaico, an organization who sets-up volunteer experiences all around Central America. Leandra studies languages in Reutlingen, Germany. She speaks five languages: Mandarin, French, English, Spanish, and German. One of her favourite activities at Proyecto CocoMango, is prepping and planning her English lessons. Leandra will be volunteering for 3 months!
Pleins feux sur les étudiants
In this newsletter we shine the spotlight on Priscilla Perez who is 15 years old and is attending 9th grade. She has been sponsored by Proyecto CocoMango since the project’s establishment in 2014.
At school, her favorite subject is Math. On her spare time, she enjoys swimming in the Laguna, playing soccer, and listening to music (especially Coldplay, who she was introduced to by the teachers at CocoMango).
In the future, Priscilla would love to study journalism at a college in the capital city of Managua. Her dream is to become a news anchor for the local TV channel, just like her idol, Xiamara Blandino. Priscilla thanks Proyecto CocoMango for facilitating her education and hopes we can sponsor her through college as well.
Private Lessons at the Local Kiosk
Every Friday, our volunteers teach private English lessons to Fatima and Maulis at their local kiosk. They wish to learn the language, so they can interact with the tourists who visit their shop.
In only a few classes, we have already noticed a vast improvement in their English. Fatima and Maulis are two very outgoing and focused ladies. They are a pleasure to teach.
We were offered the opportunity to attend Intesol’s “Teaching English Volunteer Workshop” in Granada. We were taught the theories of how we learn and, they shared with us effective teaching methods for specific age groups and learning styles. Thank you Intelsol for the free workshop; we got some good pointers and ideas for our next English classes!
Current needs
  • Art Supplies: thread and beads for our macramé project
  • Instruments: guitars, drums, ukuleles
  • Teacher Materials: white board markers, printer, printing paper
  • Sports Equipment: jump rope, ballons de football, volleyballs, jerseys, tag rugby equipment, soft balls (dodgeball), cones, etc.
  • Books: pictures books, novels, magazines, easy reads in Spanish and English
  • Laptops: used or new, they will be used!
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We would like to thank our donors, partners, and sponsors for helping us facilitate high school education and run our after school programs for the youth of our community. This year, our students enjoyed practicing computer literacy, English, guitar, macramé, acting, dance, and sports. Our programs were a success thanks to your support.


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