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Over half of all Americans are taking one or more supplements daily says the National Center for Health Statistics in Bethesda, Md. What these Americans are doing is actually harming instead of helping them to live a healthier life. When you finish this short article you will understand why supplements are harmful to consume.

In this article I want to share the difference between supplements and real food. We are going to be looking at both mineral supplements and vitamin supplements and will start first with mineral supplements.


Let’s take for example, the mineral iron, what is the real difference between organic iron as found in a food source such as spinach verses an inorganic iron found in an iron supplement? The difference is astronomical. Organic iron comes from a food source and is 100% compatible for the humane body to assimilate with no side effects. The inorganic iron came from rocks, (referred to as mineral salts), and are made from processing with industrial chemicals of one or more acids. They are produced in accordance with the United States Pharmacopoeia. They are often called natural, yes natural for the plants but not for human consumption. The side effects of these inorganic iron supplements are stomach upset and pain, constipation or diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.

God in His wisdom has the plant take the inorganic minerals, such as iron, from the ground and convert it into organic iron that the body can assimilate. We were made to eat food not dirt from the ground.

Important note: There is no such thing as a natural mineral supplement, except for unadulterated sea salt.


But that is not the case with vitamin supplements, though 95% of all vitamin supplements sold today fall inthe synthetic category, which contain chemical compounds created in a lab and are harmful for human consumption. Whereas real food which is loaded with many vitamins were meant for human consumption.

The problem today is that even if you do not take a synthetic vitamin supplement, you are consuming many that are added in most fortified foods. Per esempio, take a box of cereal and read the ingredients, which include many minerals and vitamins added which are not real, listed on the box.

Let’s, for example, first take a look at the synthetic Vitamin B1 it is made from a typical crystalline yellow coal tar, which is a fossil fuel. Hydrochloric acid is usually added to allow precipitation. Then fermentation, heating, cooling and other steps are completed until they have a synthetic vitamin B 1. This Vitamin B 1 is made from coal tar and is anything but natural and does harm to the human body if it is consumed.

Now let’s look at a natural vitamin B 1 supplement, (which are very hard to find and expensive). The food source that contains the Vitamin B1 for example is wheat germ. It is placed in a vat to be mixed with water and filtered to create an extract and remove the fiber. The post-filtered extract contains the Vitamin B 1 that was in the original wheat germ and it’s then dried and ready for shipping. As mentioned earlier only 5% of the vitamins on the market are real vitamins and then they are separated from the food and you’re not getting it in the right balance with the other vitamins that are in the food, plus the fiber.

A report from the National Institutes of health noted that individuals who consume high dose single nutrient supplements and fortified foods along with multivitamin and mineral supplements are at risk for undesirable effects.


In the past 50 years or more our food chain has drastically changed from wholesome natural food to artificially colored, flavored, preserved, refined, denatured unwholesome food that causes many illnesses. So individuals think that taking supplements will help add the nutrients that the food is lacking, but as you can plainly see the supplements are just as harmful as the denatured food most individuals eat today. So what is the solution, simply start eating more wholesome food that does not come in a package and leaving the junk food alone.

Below is video I encourage you to watch and you will see that the iron supplement that is in this cereal is metal filings, not a great thing to be eating. You would be surprised just how many foods that we are eating are harming us.

A must see Video–This Man Says Stop Eating Cereal! (Claims Metal Shavings Are In Our Cereal Boxes)


A must see Video–This Man Says Stop Eating Cereal! (Claims Metal Shavin…


The American Dietetic Association (ADA) recommends that the best nutritional strategy for optimal health and reducing the risk of chronic disease is to choose a wide variety of whole foods.

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Dr. Jerry Lee Hoover N.D. is retired and lives in Granada Nicaragua. Is the author of three books, NATURAL MEDICINE which has 47 chapters on just about every topic, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, ecc. His book is also in Spanish and can be down loaded free from his web site, (www.cancernaturalcure.com), His second book Natural Ways To Prevent Cancer was published 2 years ago and can be purchased through Amazon Kindle His latest book Radiation From Cell Phones, WiFi, Others can also be purchased through Amazon Kindle