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 By Dr. Jerry Lee Hoover N.D.

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Next time you or a family member or a friend has a headache try this simple natural way to eliminate the headache, which works approx. 80% of the time.  Have the person with the headache sit down and get comfortable, bring the person  a full glass of room temperature water, not cold water, and have them drink all of it at one time.  They are to continue resting for 10 minutes, than bring them another full glass of water and again have them drink all of it at one time then resting again for 10 minutes.  Now you give them their last full glass of water to drink and after drinking this glass of water and resting another 10 minutes their headache 80% of the time is gone.

    Why does this simple natural way work?  Because most individuals are dehydrated from not drinking enough water, (as the average brain is over 77% water), and the person comes down with a headache.  This simple natural way is not harmful, whereas taking an aspirin for your headache has lots of side effects such as stomach problems, nausea  ulcers, bloody stools, hearing problems, heartburn, allergic reactions, etc.
       Over the years I have used this method on many individuals with headaches and it works 80% of the time because of their body being dehydrated.  Of course there are other causes of headaches, but the major cause is dehydration.  So when one has a headache it is best to treat the real problem, which is hydration, by giving water. Treating the symptom by giving them a aspirin does not treat the real problem.
Dr.  Jerry Lee Hoover N.D. is retired and lives in Granada Nicaragua.  Is the author of three books, NATURAL MEDICINE which has 47 chapters on just about every topic, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, etc. His book is also in Spanish and can be down loaded free from his web site, (, His second book Natural Ways To Prevent Cancer was published 3 years ago and can be purchased through Amazon Kindle His latest book Radiation From Cell Phones, WiFi,  can also be purchased through Amazon Kindle