Dr. Jerry Lee Hoover’s Christmas Letter

By Dr. Jerry Lee Hoover

I have never shared over the many years I have been writing Health Articles for the Nica Nuggets readers anything about my personal life and didn’t realize this until this last month, so instead of writing a Natural Health Article this month I have decided to share some of the many things I have been doing while living here in Granada for the last ten years.

I moved here from Costa Rica after living there for 7 jaar. Met my Nicaraguan wife here when I first came, we dated for a year and now have been married for 9 years coming this next Valentine’s Day. Each year I send out to our many friends a Christmas Letter sharing what we have been doing in Nicaragua and so here is our 2017 Christmas Letter below which tells of some of the many things my wife and I are doing here to help the Nicaraguan people. Hope you enjoy it.



Another year has passed and God has been good to us. Both of us and our families have had no major sicknesses, no deaths or major catastrophes as we have seen this past year with the hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, also the fires in California, the problems in Venezuela and all the awful killings in Las Vegas and other towns in the U.S. Our Hearts and prayers go out to all those who are suffering.

Though I am supposed to be retired Debora and I keep busy helping others here in Nicaragua, which we enjoy doing. I feel that God put us on this earth to be a blessing to mankind. Debora for the past couple of years has been providing food and other essential things each week for an older lady who is in her 90’s who has a bad foot and has to use crutches to get around. She lives in a stick building covered with plastic, with a dirt floor. She has no running water in the house and uses an outhouse, thankfully it never gets cold here. There are thousands here in Granada living in the same conditions as this older lady. Hardly a day goes by where either Debora or I are not helping someone with their basic needs.

Debora is still doing her oil paintings and has sold a few of them this last year.

I have been working with a mission group who minister to the prisoners. We go each Thursday morning, sharing with them the word of God. There are approx. 350 in this particular jail, if you can call it a jail, they sleep on the floor, no mattresses or blankets are allowed, so we bring them pieces of cardboard, which they sleep on. They get very little food to eat so many of their families bring them food. The sanitary conditions there are not good. I bring the group I work with each week garlic and carrots as the garlic is a natural antibiotic which helps keep them healthy and the carrots are high in many nutrients that they do not receive from the food given to them as they never get anything fresh, there diet is basically rice and beans. Their families of course can bring them fresh fruit and vegetables, but some of them do not have their families close by. A few years ago there was an American in this jail and had no one to bring him food on a regular basis, so I brought him food. Most of the prisoners are young and some of them who I have gotten to know personally are innocent, as the justice system here is not very professional and there is a lot of corruption in the system. We try to bring them love, which many of them have never had. Many while in prison accept Christ, as they have lots of time to think about their past life and what a mess they have made of it. Most of them have never had a father figure in the family to set a good example. I cannot tell you how many hundreds of Bibles the group I work with have given away there at the prison over the last few years. Two years ago God worked out a miracle where we were given permission by the prison authorities to be able to baptize prisoners who had decided to follow God’s way. Last month on Thursday November the 30th of this year our group baptized 38 persons. ” PRAISE GOD “. Many do not know that I was a pastor for 10 years in Texas, but left the ministry to go back to school to become a Naturopathic Doctor.

I am also busy doing medical consultations in my home for those who are sick here in Granada and those who come from other parts of Nicaragua. I do not charge the Nicaraguans for my services. For the last five or six years I have been writing a monthly Health Article for an English publication here in Nicaragua. My website also keeps me busy, as I have anywhere from eight to eleven thousand hits to my web site from over 100 countries each month. I also offer my free book from my site, which has 47 chapters on how to stay Healthy, Happy and Holy. Chapters on diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, obesity, enz.. To down load my free book go to http://www.cancernaturalcure.com/

I believe this is the fifth year during Christmas that we have given out gifts and food to the children that are in need, this is a picture of the children we helped this year. Our Christmas Letter doesn’t go out until after we give out the Christmas gifts to the children, which we did on this past Friday.

This Christmas we bought gifts to give away to 200 children, plus feeding them a meal. During the year we have been able to help many who are in need here, such as buying school supplies for many of the poor children, buying food for different families who because of their circumstances have no food, enz..

We want to say a “Special Thank You” to some special friends that know us personally and the work we do here in Nicaragua. They help us each year so that we can help more than what we could do on a limited income.

God Bless Each Of You,

Jerry and Debora


Yesterday, Saturday I was on my way to a church service and I was in a motorcycle accident. I should have been seriously hurt, but my Guardian Angel protected me and I have thanked him and God many times the last few days. I hit a truck head on going probably around 10 miles per hour. No broken bones, but lots of bruises. When you hit a vehicle head on, normally your body impacts with the vehicle, causing lots of damage to your body. The trucks front bumper and my motorcycle got the worst of it instead of me. I was not thrown forward, but backward, my body did not hit the truck. My only explanation is my Guardian Angel intervened and kept me from hitting the truck. The accident was my fault, I need to be more careful when riding my motorcycle. God still does miracles for His children and He has done many for me in my lifetime. When I was in Vietnam in a helicopter outfit I was supposed to be on this particular helicopter which went down and all aboard were killed. My angel kept me off that helicopter.


  1. David

    December 27, 2017 bij 5:13 pm

    Hello friends, This is the best news I have heard from Nicaragua since I started looking to be involved there 2 years ago. I have always heard good things about the Nicaraguan people. I have been a padrino with children in Guatemala for 8 jaar, in November and December. I am not a tourist, so I have been looking for likeminded folks Nicaraguan way. I seriously hope we can meet next year. God bless, David

  2. Tim Sewell

    December 27, 2017 bij 6:21 pm

    That is great work you are doing. From your past articles, you have mentioned God but I did not know you were a fellow Christian. I too am a Christian missionary and also personally finance the vast majority of my ministry. My guardian angel has also saved me many many, many times.

    Best wishes for the new year.

    Tim Sewell http://Www.nuevavidanicaragua.com

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