By Dr. Jerry Lee Hoover N.D.


Live food is full of enzymes whereas dead food has no enzymes, so what are enzymes? Enzymes are molecules of protein that are made from amino acid chains, these specialized proteins are what makes life possible. There are approximately 75,000 enzymes that are thought to exist in the human body today They are needed for every chemical reaction that takes place in the body. Without enzymes, these reactions would not occur fast enough to sustain life. There are three types of enzymes. Metabolic enzymes, that are produced by the body, which are in charge of energy production in the body on every level, copying your genetic information to make new cells, help detox the body and many many more functions. Digestive enzymes, which are also produced by the body, which assist the body to break down and assimilate food into nutrients. Food enzymes, which our body DOES NOT PRODUCE, these important enzymes come from plants since our body does not make these enzymes and we can only get them from the food we eat, these food enzymes are the ones that this article is about.

So how do we make sure we are getting these important food enzymes? By simply eating more raw uncooked foods. When food is heated to above 118 degrees all the enzymes are destroyed, that is why cooked food is sometimes referred to as dead food. Cooking food also destroys some of the nutrients that are in food. The typical diet of most individuals does not supply many enzymes due to the fact that most people eat very little raw uncooked food, sure they may have a small salad with their meal, but the percentage of cooked food to raw food is quite small. All raw food contains the proper types and proportions of enzymes necessary to digest the particular raw food one is eating. For example a banana has all the enzymes in it for proper digestion, but that would not be the case for a banana pie, because it has been cooked and all the enzymes have been destroyed. So the key to a healthier life is to eat more raw foods. In my practice this is one of the things I encourage my patients to do. When they follow my advice in regards to eating more raw food they see an improvement in their health problems.

Here are a few health problems that can be caused by a lack of these four basic food enzymes. If your body is lacking the enzyme Protease some of the health problems that can occur, low blood sugar, kidney problems, arthritis, osteoporosis, appendicitis, bacterial and viral infections and cancer. For the enzyme Amylase, skin problems such as rashes, herpes, fungal infections, lung problems such as asthma, emphysema and liver or gall bladder disease. For the enzyme Lipase, high cholesterol, obesity. diabetes,heart problems, fatigue and colon problems. For the enzyme Cellulase, acute food allergies, bowel and vaginal yeast infections and facial pain and paralysis.

These cooked foods are devoid of all enzymes and place a heavy burden on our bodies. Oui, your body can still derive nutrients from dead food through its own metabolic enzymes. But this is not an ideal or sustainable situation, as the body’s own enzyme reserves are limited and also become depleted with excessive use. When this happens persons first start having problems with indigestion, constipation, etc. If they do not correct the problem eventually more chronic diseases will appear.


Simply put, food is supposed to give life to our bodies with ease. But it can’t do this effectively when the foods we eat are lacking in enzymes. Raw food constitutes the full package your body needs to ensure that nutrients get to wherever they need to go without overtaxing it. Especially older individuals need to eat a higher percentage of raw food since their body’s produce fewer and fewer metabolic enzymes the older one gets. I want to encourage my readers to try this simple experiment for the next three weeks determine to eat 30% of your food raw with your meals and I am 99% sure you will notice a big difference in your health. A simple experiment that costs nothing and will improve your health and add some years to your life.

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Dr. Jerry Lee Hoover N.D. is retired and lives in Granada Nicaragua. Is the author of three books, NATURAL MEDICINE which has 47 chapters on just about every topic, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, etc. His book is also in Spanish and can be down loaded free from his web site, (, His second book Natural Ways To Prevent Cancer was published 2 years ago and can be purchased through Amazon Kindle His latest book Radiation From Cell Phones, WiFi, Others can also be purchased through Amazon Kindle

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