Fresh Farm Goods to Your Door

It’s time for another trip to the big city. Goldsberry farm will be coming to Granada on Wed, April 30th. Deliveries will be made, to your door, between 9am and 11. Below is a list of items we have available, please contact Melissa at for a price list, to place an order, or simply with any questions you may have.
Smoked Ham
-Brined with cure, dulce, and seasonings, smoked over mango wood, sliced thin and ready-to-eat.
Sweet Italian Sausage
-Ground posta de cerdo and pork fat, no fillers, seasoned with sea salt, sugar, garlic, fennel seed, sage, and cayenne.
Country-style Breakfast Sausage
-Ground posta de cerdo and pork fat, no fillers, seasoned with sage, dulce, thyme, marjoram, and cloves.
-Posta de cerdo, duck meat, pork fat and seasonings, in natural casings. No fillers. Ready for the grill or to simmer in beer.
Boursin Cheese
-A homemade, cream cheese-style cheese, chock full of fresh garlic, sel de mer, black pepper, and chives.
Homemade Submarine rolls with sesame seeds
-Yeast bread topped with sesame seeds.
-Country biscuits made with home-rendered lard and lots of love.
Melissa at


  1. Randy Higgins

    April 28, 2014 à 3:13 h

    I wish you had real farm products for sale. Your items are processed foods, not farm fresh.

  2. Alex

    April 28, 2014 à 6:15 h

    Farm fresh it ain’t. Manufactured foods which I am skeptical of sanitation, ingredients and other stuff. Nothing I cannot get as fresh in PriceMart…..or even LaColonia. Might be OK, but then again…….???