Granada International School – January Newsletter

January 2018                                                                          Monthly Newsletter

A Letter from the Director

Happy New Year!Almost two weeks ago our school opened in its new location. It has been a pleasure to watch the children enjoy all of our new outdoor space.  It has been many years since we had a playground and the slides and swings have lines of tiny children waiting for their turn.  Since we now have so much green space we have already begun projects proposed by our schools Green Team. We hope by the end of the month to have a small Cocoa farm,  several school gardens and a chicken coop. We now offer our students a gardening class in the afternoon for the Primary and in the morning for our Preschool. They will learn about seasonal fruits and vegetable and work on creating a functioning school garden.

Gardening offers hands-on, experiential learning opportunities in a wide array of disciplines, including the natural and social sciences, math, language arts (e.g., through garden journaling), visual arts (e.g., through garden design and decoration), and nutrition. Gardening activities can help to engage students in learning in a way that is more difficult in the classroom. Gardening allows surprises to arise when insects land in the vicinity, when plants are afflicted with mites or fungus, or when the weather surprises everyone and disrupts the plan for the day, for example. These surprises show that nature is in control and they give students immediate and personal reasons for wanting to know the answers to pressing questions.

Like a team sport or mascot, gardening can offer a symbolic locus of school pride and spirit. Gardening offers schools a way of helping children to identify with their school and to feel proud of their own individual contribution. Children know which plants they helped to grow, and they feel proud of them. This can improve school spirit and children’s attitudes toward the school. Gardens often become a child’s safe place as working in the garden is always a moment of calm and concentration.

Gardening can also improve a child’s physical health. Children who are familiar with growing their own food tend to eat more fruits and vegetables (Bell & Dyment, 2008), and are more inclined to continue healthy eating habits through adulthood (Morris & ZidenbergCherr, 2002).  Gardening during childhood exposes children to healthy food, moderate exercise, and positive social interactions and can often lead to a lifetime of gardening,

We look forward to sending you pictures of our children working in our new garden and chicken coop!

Lauren White

A New Year, a New Campus

We did it!  In just thee weeks, with the help of friends, our school family and a very efficient construction crew, we were able to renovate, clean and move into our new campus.  I have to admit, it was tight but we did it.  The space is amazing and seeing the kids on the playgrounds in the mornings puts a smile on my face every day.

With the green area, our Green Team is planting gardens, building a chicken coop, redirecting our gray water to water the plants, planting cocoa, orange and lemon trees and creating a walking trail.  Our goal is to construct the secondary classrooms over the summer as well as create an outdoor space for events.

Safety Comes First

Drop-off and pick-up was a bit more challenging with the new campus but this obstacle has been overcome with the help of the fifth and sixth grade students. Each morning and afternoon, two students from each grade are assigned an orange vest and the task of getting the younger students from the parking lot to the classroom safely and vice versa. As you can see in the photos, they take this responsibility very seriously.

In Appreciation…

My first task at our new campus was to create an Appreciation Wall to honor all the people who have supported our school over the past six years.  I wanted a design that we could continue to add to and create something beautiful yet practical. I decided on a tree as trees continue to grow just as our school is growing. I found a potter to make our leaves of clay, had parents volunteer to paint them and friends to add the names. I placed each on the tree limbs and with each, whispered a very heartfelt “Thank you”.

A Texas style “Thank You”

To show our gratitude to everyone who helped build the playground equipment, move the two schools, clean and prepare the new campus, we held a Texas Style BBQ at our farm. As with all good BBQs, there was plenty of meat…beef, pork, lamb, sausages, chicken and hot dogs! The kids enjoyed the ox cart rides, the horse back rides,the petting zoo of  lambs as well as the swimming pool.  I am not sure everyone enjoyed the Country and Western music as much as we did but they did not complain. It was an amazing day with amazing people who want the same thing for their children, a great education in a loving environment.

Our Wish List

Student chairs…$30.00 each
Bookshelves…$50 each
Kindergarten Student chairs…$20 each
STEAM Science kits…$20 each

Amazon Smile is a Great Way to Give

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