Granada Meet and Greet – November 2013

Alliances and the Granada Meet and Greet

Alliances are very important and are a key component of the Granada Meet and Greet success.  According to Wikipedia, an alliance is a “pact, coalition or friendship between two or more parties, made in order to advance common goals and to secure common interests.”  As a volunteer, member driven event, without these alliances there would be a lack of quality and depth to the Granada Meet and Greet.  Connections made whether they be friendship or professional connections are an important part of human need for interaction and are integral in forming alliances.

This past month the Alianza Francesa and representative Elmer Barrera hosted a wonderful event due to local business alliances between the Alianza Francesa, Telepizza and La Fundacion Casa Tres Mundos Cultural Center.  Due to Elmer’s connections Meet and Greet members enjoyed bocadillos graciously provided by Telepizza owners Lucia Ode Vivas and Mario Lugo who were in attendance during the event.  Casa Tres Mundos, represented by Eduardo Arias presented a Mandala exhibit form the recent “Design by Nature” course led by Maggie McNab of the United States.  In addition Victor Nil and Victor Manuel were on hand to show everyone how to dance and performed a Zumba dance and a Michael Jackson “Dangerous” rendition as well as viewed a photography exhibit hosted by the Alianza Francesa.

Meet and Greet members on the mailing now total 400 and there is space for up to 50 members at each meeting.  Charles and Randy Reed, Darrell and Amy Bushnell, Victor Manuel, Eduardo Arias, Helen Kaye, Ginger Lawrence, the wonderful women of AMER, the staff at Condo/Hotel Xalteva, Eduardo Arias of Coralillo Art Design, Edgar Perez of Gemtours, and Victor Manuel Dance instructor are just few members at large and we thank them for their support.  We always welcome new members and this month had a chance to meet Jane and John Faraola, Anita Cruz, Melissa Arias, Delia Rivas, Vince Padilla, Chuck and Shirley Schmidt, Mario Lugo (Granada Chamber of Commerce and Telepizza), Lucia Ode Vivas (Telepizza), Joshua Hardester (Futbol Sin Fronteras), Dennis Myers, Maria Jose Espinoza (Oro Travel), Marcela Rueda Campbell (Oro Travel), Richard Burton, Francisco Fonseca, Steve Wallman, Sandra Schohler, and Marianne Conrad.

In addition, this month, Zopango Island held a special, exclusive Meet & Greet event organized
by Melissa Lombardo and Fatima Quiroz.  Selected Meet and Greet members were invited to discover this beautiful private piece of paradise located in the Isletas of the Asese Bay, Granada. This island with lush vegetation & numerous wildlife is the property of the Bersani family and it welcomes guests, travelers & companies for Day Trips, Overnight stays, Dinners under the stars, and Private & Corporate events. For more information on how you can visit Zopango Island, contact

Thank you to all of our members for helping further our mission of “Meet someone new” and “Learn something new.” It is truly wonderful seeing what comes out of each event.  By creating positive connections everyone benefits, groups become more diverse, initiatives and creativity flourish and our individual ability to identify, engage and grow increases.   We hope we have been able to provide that for you and will continue to look for greater member benefits in the future.  See you at the next December 2014 Meet and Greet, the annual December Fair to be held at Condo/Hotel Xalteva.

All the best, Melissa Lombardo and Fatima Quiroz

Upcoming Member Community News/Events

Casa Tres Mundos Japanese Culture Day, Saturday 09 November 2013 1-5pm

Noche de Seranata, Friday 15 November 2013. In front of Guadalupe Church.  *Creaciones Gloritege will be partipating, there will be live music, dancing and vendors

Kermes, Saturday 16 November 2013.  All day.  Del Chico Tripa ½ blocks towards the lake.  Proceeds to benefit the AMER women’s association.

One additional Free matriculas remains for select Meet and Greet members at the Allianza Francesa for classes beginning January 2014. They will also be offering Portuguese classes beginning in 2014.

Allianza Francesa would like to have a special summer course for December and January

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