Introducing the New Nicaragua Non-Profit Network (NNN)

NNN Mission Statement

          It is our goal to develop and provide a common sustainable platform where all non-profit organizations, non-government organizations, government entities, and individual volunteers helping Nicaragua can share knowledge, resources, experiences, locations of operations, needs and even their resulting goals and accomplishments in a collective effort to increase visibility, efficiency, efficacy, and proper distribution of aid. For the smaller NGOs the platform can provide access to resources that only the larger NGOs currently enjoy.

Who will benefit from NNN? 

  • All NGOS and their constituent members or employees
  • Volunteers seeking opportunities to help
  • Aid professionals seeking employment
  • Knowledge experts
  • Visitors seeking information on aid groups
  • Government agencies – Nicaraguan, USA and other countries
  • And many others


Several years ago the previous USA ambassador met with some of us operating NGOs in Nicaragua. His question was simply “What are USA citizens doing with their various organizations to help Nicaragua?” We could only respond with what our own organizations were doing and what the larger ones such as American Nicaragua Foundation, Fabretto, Hispamer, Wisconsin-Nicaragua Partners of the Americas, etc were accomplishing. It is fairly unknown where the various NGOs exist, who they are, what they are doing and what geographical areas are covered. There are said to be over 3,000 NGOs operating in Nicaragua but they are mostly unaware of each other and there are no geographical maps that show where there is overlap or complete lack of assistance.

At the same time a group of us decided to start area conferences for NGOs providing libraries to communities. In the first year 75 people attended and in the second year, over 200 attended. We were overwhelmed with requests for assistance and simply did not have the funds to provide these physical forums even though greatly needed. And that was just for Library NGOs.

This need for networking NGOs was discussed with USA Embassy personnel and upon agreement we began investigating what other countries were doing and what type of platform would be of greatest benefit yet easy to administer. During our investigation we discovered that HOLA (Health Organizations of Latin America) located in the states was also considering a similar project and had begun initial discussions. One of their concerns were the many medical brigades coming to Nicaragua with good intentions but not knowing where their assistance was most needed, how to get medical equipment into Nicaragua and most important, avoiding giving similar medical care to the same village or area with unknown results due to multiple duplicated inoculations or counter-productive medical care.

We met with the HOLA group and agreed to join forces. After many discussions and meetings we decided on a vendor to produce the web platform based on detailed requirements we had voted to include. We are now seeking the funds to begin the web platform development. In the meantime the USA Embassy organized two physical forums of area NGOs, both of which showed there was great interest in our project and the need for NGOs to communicate, interact and to share knowledge, experiences and resources.

Our present estimate is around $20,000 to get this web platform up and running. We are seeking organizations and donors that will help us fund this project. All of us on the NNN committee are volunteering our time so all funds will be utilized with no overhead except payment to the web developers creating the platform. Of course, all donations are tax deductible for USA individuals and organizations through the 502c3 IRS regulations. This is a unique opportunity to help Nicaragua since this project will help all existing NGOs, volunteers and visitors seeking information about aid efforts in Nicaragua. As our mission states “this will allow aid organizations and support organizations in Nicaragua to share knowledge, resources, experiences, locations of operations, needs and even their resulting goals and accomplishments in a collective effort to increase visibility, efficiency, efficacy, and proper distribution of aid.

The Issues

  •  There are over 3,000 NGOs and aid groups working in Nicaragua
    • Other aid groups exist such as church groups that come down for two weeks for a specific project e.g. build a well for a community
  • Groups are not aware of each other, even if working on a similar project in nearby location
  • Results are inefficiencies, geographical overlaps and areas receiving no aid
  • Many NGOS reinventing the wheel, unfamiliar with Nicaragua regulations, don’t know where to start
  • Nicaragua government (and the world) are unaware of good meaningful projects
  • Problems in getting equipment, personnel and aid packages into Nicaragua
  • There is no database of aid groups operating in Nicaragua

What We Believe the NNN Web Platform Will Accomplish 

  • Provide a forum for questions and solutions between and among the aid groups, volunteers, knowledge experts, government agencies, aid professionals seeking positions and visitors simply seeking information
  • Provide a collective effort to increase visibility, efficiency, efficacy, and proper distribution of aid
  • Provide a common, single voice for the NGOs to the world for their many accomplishments, needs and goals
  • Provide assistance for common needs such as necessary documentation, setting up a NGO, getting 501c3 status, visas for temporary aid workers, Nicaragua regulations, legal advice
  • Allow the sharing of knowledge, experiences and resources
  • Encourage working together to make a greater collective effort
  • Maximize assistance to Nicaragua
  • Provide mapping capability to see exactly where everyone is helping
  • Provide a database of NGOs and aid groups operating in Nicaragua
  • Provide a calendar of events for notable activities in an area
  • Provide visibility to even the smallest NGO or aid group
  • Provide a means to find other aid groups doing similar projects or working in certain geographical area

In essence, the NNN platform will be a wealth of information that will be shared with everyone. The challenge will be finding all the NGOs and aid groups and ensuring they join so that we know of their existence. Each aid group or NGO will have their own profile to include at least the following:

  • Org, company or individual name
  • Purpose of org – mission, goals, vision
  • Location (s), addresses – in Nicaragua and origin country
  • Contact information for org and principals
  • Need for volunteers, basic requirements for volunteers
  • Nicaragua area being serviced i.e. Granada area, Bluefields, etc.

The majority of NGOs are small groups simply helping by setting up a library, community center, building a community well, building a school, etc. They may not have the resources or time to create their own websites, FaceBook page or other social media. By creating a profile on our NNN web platform they can still be known, easily found and share knowledge, experiences and resources with the largest of the NGOs. Many NGOs have already expressed their desire to be part of the initial testing. Our time frame is to begin testing within a few months after initial funding is secured.

More details available on our information website at . This is a greatly needed project and will benefit Nicaragua in many ways.

For more information on the project or to help provide funding contact:


Matthew Jesse Fioravanti



In Nicaragua

Darrell Bushnell



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  1. Kevin

    October 19, 2014 at 5:12 pm

    Love this idea. I am in if you will include me. Need details, and conversation with you. Thanks.