La Esperanza Granada – June-July Newsletter 2017

Covering two months in this newsletter so lots to report so for the sake of clarity will try in bullet points:

El Centro Sabaneta – the learning center in Sabaneta is now open.  And it is being used!  The first two weeks were term break in the schools and we had over 500 students the first day.  Now that school has been running for a couple of weeks we are still having more than 400 a day.  The older children come in the mornings for English and computers, the younger children in the afternoons for Spanish, math, reading, art and craft and computers.  We are still waiting for the furniture to be completed so using a lot of plastic chairs and tables at the moment, but we are getting there, and the children of Sabaneta are certainly showing their interest.  The official inauguration was on 5th June – here is a link to a local newscast:       We had a great day at the end of June with all our ayudantes and staff painting the center, and also Godophin and Latimer School, World Challenge group helped with the finishing. 

Escudo school – New Classroom – work on this classroom is progressing really well.  While we have always worked with the permission of the Ministry of Education, this year is the first time that they have been involved with the planning and building of a classroom, and it is to be done to a national standard.  This has raised the costs considerably, and a new classroom now will cost approx. $14000 to complete.  We are well on the way, but not sure that we will be able to build many more classrooms with these costs.  Een Aarde in The Netherlands generously contributed €5000 towards the building, and other amounts have been added by the groups who have been working on the building – Wilderness Expedition from UK, Balcarras School and Northampton School for Girls from Outlook Expeditions, and King Edward School from World Challenge.

Lolita Sorayana School – again following the plans of the Ministry of Education we have built a kitchen in this semi rural school.  The groups who have worked on this and funded it too were Bridge of Don Academy and Bromley High, both from Outlook Expeditions.

(a note – although we mention that the costs have increased with the increased involvement of the Ministry of Education, we should also mention that they have been building more classroom, putting roofs on classrooms, building walls around schools etc. and we are delighted to see how much has been done to improve the infrastructure of the Granada district schools)

Mercedes Mondragon – The whole school was given a facelift, the bathrooms renovated and lots of desks rebuilt, by groups Mearns Castle from world Challenge and Carmel High from True Adventures.

La Inmaculada – We have built a dining area for the children to have their school lunches, as well as painting, clearing the yard, and building a stage area, with help from All Saints School, Ysgol Gyfun Bro Morg, Anglo European School and Marlborough Science Academy all from World Challenge.

Pablo Antonio Cuadra – a facelift for the school and bathrooms with lots of painting, and also desk rebuilds with the work done by Radnor High from Outlook Expeditions, a group of Scouts from Belgium led by Margaux Kaesmacher, and Chew Valley school from True Adventures.

El Centro Pancasan –  Work here is really progressing, we will be down to the finishing touches soon.  We had a group with Jeff and Sarah from Amped who worked hard, and they were followed by a group of French Scouts led by Claire Rouzet who are still with us.  

And once again we had a short visit from Blythe Academy who freshened up the paintwork and the school yard at the high school in Nueva Esperanza.

Lots of volunteers have been helping in the past two months.  We are so grateful that so many people come from all over the world and give their time to make the work of La Esperanza Granada possible.  Thanks to all of these Jesús Unzueta, Karla Carreón, Paola Cosssyleon, Adrianna Unzueta, Lizzie Reynolds, Jonathan Taylor, Aziz Yakub, Sofia Lewis, Rebecca Schwartz, Daniel Babcock, Rosa Van Rysinger, Romain Poddevin, Gabriel Guerin, Albert Tapp Scotting, Dylan King, Madeleine Buchmar, Hanna Davis, Camille Guiraub, Lucas Maletich, Tjorven Rohwer, Fenja Nolting, Lucas Delmas, Miriam Degmayer, Jordan Vitelli, Kristine Vitelli, Hannah Reger, Lara Stavrinoui, Victor Lons, Aylin Rodriguez Martinez, Emma Ruskin, Anzana Maharajh, Daniel Larson, Caitlin Ward, Charlotte Holcombe, Elizabeth Zalucki, Mark Bussert, Laida Prieto, Laire Camara Gonzales, Raquel Toranco, Franzisha Noll, Sophie Moorhead, Andrea Nease, Mathias Alfredo Zulueta, Hannah Mellin, Hugh Orozco, Mark Bussert, Beat Rohr, Eduardo Buil Teller, Batania Muniz, Fabiola Norton, Lucia Arnedo Guallar,  Ana Guimo Mascuñan, Laura Lucia Lucas Soto, Yacine abdelghaffar, Simone de ross, Alexis Brodeur, Margarethe Hoberg, Julia Schmall, Pauline Molleney, Natalia Albinski Euler, Jessica Mitchell,  Ingrid Berdie Garriga, Amanda Gathu, Sarah Debock, Janne delagrande, Konstantijn Herssens, Maarten Callewart, Julia Martinez de Velasco Segarra, Nikola Maravcikova, Alyson Woolley, Elizabeth Maltby, Tiara Horan, Fabiola Guillen, Ellen Kearney-mitchell, Florian Brossard, Annamarie Cooper, Brett Lundmark, Laura Ziegler, Natalia Casamitjana, Andrea Boronat Fernandez, Clement Langlet, Lucia Ros, Leo Gesnoiun, Pierre Cosquer,  Heather Fegan, Laszlo Samu, and Christina Junker.

Wonderful donations that we have received from Benjamin Regorz 150, Beth Kells, Sam Carpenter and Steve Lewine (Directors of Builders Beyond Borders) who contributed $1335 each to help us finish the center at Pancasan, Winthrop Han who sent $250, Karin Van Eijk and Tom Daniels who sent €100 to celebrate their anniversary, Ashli Temple, former volunteer sent $150 contributed by her friends and family, €800 from Sezione Associazione in Italy who held a fundraiser for us thanks to volunteer Sara Marioni, former volunteer,  €150 from Jeanne Langkamp, former volunteer, to take children to the dentist, €520 from volunteers Sarah Debode, Maarten Callewaert, Konstantijn Herssens and Janne Delagrange who raised money selling candy bags at home, $200 from Balcarras School in the UK, $3000 towards the center at Pancasan from Amped for Education, and €150 from Josep Font, former volunteer who held an exposition:   Thanks also to all of those who brought school supplies etc. to our office too. 

And two new members welcomed to our La Esperanza Granada family – Donald and Carlota had a son Matiis on the 19thJuly (day of the Revolution) and Yesinia and Alfredo had a son Ethan on the 21st July. 

Thanks to all for your support and interest, from all of us here at La Esperanza Granada.
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