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So 2017 has come to an end, and what a terrific year it has been. A lot of changes for La Esperanza Granada as we have now virtually transitioned from working in the public schools to working in our own Learning Centers. The centers bring a wonderful range of opportunities for the children that we were struggling to achieve in the school environment. As development of curriculum has made the activities in the school more restricted over the years, we now find that our scope of teaching possibilities has expanded to a level greater than we ever thought possible.
The children who come to the centers are the same children in need that we have worked with in the public schools, but at the centers they are engaged, active, and learning! And they had a wonderful Christmas dinner in the centers on 22nd, the last day before the holidays.
Our work in the high school in Nueva Esperanza is continuing as before, and attendance numbers continue to rise as more and more children complete their primary school education. We have a lot of sponsors who have already signed up for the 2018 school year, but still have lots of children looking for sponsors, so do email if you are interested. The cost is $185 per student per year, with a commitment of five years should your student make it all the way through.
We are also continuing with our Ayudante program, which is our university scholarship program. We have four new students this year who will receive scholarships. There were 19 students who graduated from the high school in December and would like to attend university.
If you are a former volunteer we need some feedback from you to help with decision making about the future of our volunteer housing. Have typed a list of questions at the bottom of the newsletter – please help us by answering the questions and returning the email – or copy and paste into another email and send to us.
We renovated/built two new houses in December in Nueva Esperanza. The first was built by a group of Australian students from St Brendan Shaw School, and the second by the Janus/Lieberman family from Philledelphia, US. Needless to say two very happy families here. We also broke ground on two other projects in the Nueva Esperanza barrio; a library being built for Puedo Leer, and a Community Center which is for the local community.
Some wonderful donations this month, volunteer Justine McCoy brought in lots of school supplies she had purchased with funds she raised before coming, Heidi Smithson and family visited again and brought a suitcase full of wonderful things for the learning centers with some great craft stuff that is not readily available here. A volunteer Maja Klosterman who had attended a European school in Germany had the idea of collecting books from Spanish families of students who attended the school. She wrote to her Spanish teacher who helped to organize it, and then had a bake sale to pay for the shipping costs. She sent 40 kilos of Spanish story books to use in the Escudo Center. Another former volunteer from Germany Christina Mueller raised funds from friends and family and collected 861 Euros for us. A school in the Netherlands, Primary School Het Talent in Asten made Christmas decorations and sold them in the Christmas markets – they raised 492 euro to be used for children’s eyeglasses. Simply wonderful.
We also had some donations through PayPal – Jeffrey Gomes sent $98 as a Christmas gift for his friend, James Luth sent $400, Anthony Dumlao $50, Chelsea Strege $10 and Kathyrn Cavanaugh $50. And another school fundraising to help, this one in Australia, Pembroke School who sent through $705. Former volunteer Rosanna Gardiner works at the school, well done Rosie!
And lastly anther former volunteer Stephan Daues sent a further $1000 towards a salary for a director for the learning centers.
Volunteer here in December include Cedomir Djordjievski, Dolores Mendez-Benehassi, Jennifer Blanchette, Ruth Thomson, Paul Stroosma, Siiri Kilpelainen, Jonh Hondoy, Justine McCoy, Camille Amount, Cloe Moreau, Marielene Stienz, Antonia Grosshoff, Maja Klostermann, Saveria Giorgi.
And to finish up here is a link to a lot of great photos for you to enjoy:
Thanks to everyone for your support during 2017, and we look forward to sharing 2018 with you,
Happy New Year from all the team at La Esperanza Granada.

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  1. David

    Januar 4, 2018 på 6:31 pm

    Thank you friends for the commitment here. Take care, David

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