Granada Meet and Greet May

I always wonder about all of the new people and businesses in Granada.  There are so many.  The community has grown since my arrival in mid 2004.  Back then the road to Managua was at the end of its first year of repair and would continue that way for another year.  I know most expatriates in Granada not to mention all hotels, restaurants, tour operators and NGO’s.  Now in the year 2013 there are so many new businesses, people and projects and activities taking place that I cannot keep up.  I started the Granada Meet and Greet for this reason.

I wanted to meet the newcomers, visit the new businesses and support the NGO’s as well as attend some great activities.  I saw the Meet and Greet idea as one way to do this and thought others would be interested as well.  Now, as Meet and Greet grows we are increasing opportunities for businesses to publicize for free.  One of the ways is by working with Darrell Bushnell, founder of the Nica Nuggets Community Newsletter.  Everyone is welcome to enter their events in the Event Calendar section, take part in the free classified ads and provide articles about and for the community with their business profile on the footer.  Businesses are welcome to host a Meet and Greet at their location.

There are so many people to meet and connections to make.  At our most recent event held at Condo/Hotel Xalteva ( on First Friday, May 3rd we welcomed so many new members.  I was impressed.  There were 31 people total, including Darrell Bushnell of the Nica Nuggests Community Newsletter (, Bill Ashman and his highly talented team as well as students from Corazon Contento (, Erick and Marlene of Explorer Tours (FB/Explorer Tours), U.E  Gourmet (, ALAS-The Nicaraguan Foundation for Sustainable Development – FUNDENIC-SOS (, Mont Berkeley International School (, Atelier Favela from Ticuantepe (, Eduardo  Arias of Coralillo ArtDesign (FB/CorallilloArtDesign) and also representing Centro de Arte la Calzada, Ismael Guitierrez, a local English speaking lawyer (oficina, Yasser Munoz of the Granada INTUR (, Orlando Correa, of Anahuac tours (, Victor Manuel, a dance instructor specializing in Modern and Traditional dance (, Sophie Aubry of Tout Costa Rica (, Solari Transport (, Pauline and Nick from Hash Harriers, and the Annberg’s who will be moving to Granada in August.

There were many connections made and various announcement and follow ups.  Some of those announcement include a Race for Sustainability to be held on May 11 to help fund the ALAS environmental education program, Sport week at Mont Berkeley from the 17-21 of Jun, a tour and site visit to Corazon Contento and also to Atelier Favela  and a Community Tour with Explore Nicaragua.

Check the community calendar for more information on these events and if you are not already a subscriber please subscribe.  It is free to receive and free to publicize (www.nicaragua-community .com). If you do not speak the language, the page can translate into many other languages.  We can help anyone who needs help entering their community events or editing their articles for the newsletter.  Follow us on Facebook/Granadameetandgreet, the Nicaraguan Dispatch and Nica Nuggets to find out where our next event will be and tell your friends about us.

Melissa Lombardo