Meet and Greet June 2013

There are always new people to meet and we invite you to join us at our monthly, 1st Friday Meet and Greet networking social. This is a great way for anyone; a newcomer to Granada, a new business, or a long time resident to meet someone new and learn something new. This month we met Joseph Kaknes of Galeria Kaknes, Malin of La Escuela de Talentos, Scott and Mary Lane, visitors deeply involved in an orphanage “Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos, Eduardo Lazzara, a Spanish teacher who has wrote his own textbook, Ines Mayorga and Francisco from the Boxing School at La Villa, Roxana Morales of Hostal Las Hamacas, Thomas Tomczyk of the magazine Mot Mot, Peter Prins from Vivos, the Holand/Nandaime Sister Cities Project, Andres Gavaso and Mayling Masis Guadamuz of the new Descubri Tours as well as Trent Shelton and Chloe of People Helping People.

Ciudad Lounge made for a perfect location and our featured speaker Crandall Morua and Linda Lara of Temperas Cantilan talked about how we can all change the world.

Descubri Tours gave 2 great offers one being a new promotion to win a free rental car for a day and the other to let us know that they are compiling information from various social projects to offer better tours to those interested in coming to Nicaragua from other countries. The Academia de Talentos also announced that at 9 am on July 20th they will be holding a Sport Fair.

This was a great event and one of the longest running events as I was there with other participants until late at night enjoying Ciudad Lounge’s special Beet and Carrot Martini.

Melissa Lombardo