Meet and Greet – October

Meet and Greet October at Gallery Kaknes

What a great turn out at the October 4th Meet and Greet held graciously by Joe Kaknes at his new Gallery, “Galeria Kaknes” with refreshments complimentary of Bistro Estrada Restaurant. Approximately forty five attendees viewed original artwork produced by Joe Kaknes, dined with a discount at Bistro Estrada and tour the newly renovated Hotel Estrada.

Joe Kaknes started painting in Gloucester, Massachusetts and learned to paint fast and hard to capture the ever changing light.” He moved to Costa Rica and opened up a Gallery and is now in Granada inaugurating his second gallery in Central America.

There were a lot of new faces including Emi Szilagyi, Hotel Estrada Manager, Dr. Jonathan Mather and Dr. Ann Szdur, both naturopath doctors, Gabriel Lacayo and Ibis Lopez from Movistar offering special business promotions ( or, Jack Campbell from Nicaragua Home Inspections ( and the board of directors of the new “Asociacion de Ayuda de Mujeres Emprendadores de Escasos Recursos” (On Facebook search for: AMER Granada) or in English “Association to help innovative women of few resources” building homes for women with little resources. In addition we met the talented chec Kenny Robinson and Greg Marzilli of the new GM Granada Hostel.

Victor Manuel, a local dance instructor also had an announcement and will be offering traditional dance classes at the Train Station (Escuela Taller) for 150 Cordoba’s per month Monday through Friday from 4pm-5pm. You can contact him at: 2552-6521/2552-4986.

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