Meet and Greet September 2013

Another great Meet and Greet held this month at Shi Sha Bar/ Casa Lucia. Sigo sorprendido con el número de nuevas personas que conozco. 31 individuos estuvieron presentes incluyendo Arjun Flores, David y Terrina Osborne, Gemma Kelly, Daniela Prego, Beverly Hancock, Joe O'Haver, Anna Castellanas, Anne Brooker, Sidney Gilbert, Sol Santanta y Rolsseau Sebastián.

As the Meet and Greet grows, we continue to look for article submissions and businesses and social projects to join us on the site. WE are also asking members contribute to printing flyers as part of the “Call to Action” as part of a city wide conservation effort. Además, members can join the “Art of Public Speaking” club based on the Toastmasters model. The Granada Meet and Greet welcomes all individuals both permanent residents and locals and those passing through Granada. Whether you speak Spanish or not, whether you have a business or not, please join us, and not only at our monthly meetings. Our strength is in the possibilities that we have by working together.

The opportunities are endless and with so many good ideas we look forward to doing more. Please contact Melissa directly if you would like to host an event at your business, be part of our business directory or form part of the Meet and Greet committee. Congratulations to Coralillo ArtDesign, Condo/Hotel Xalteva, West Company and Nica-Community News for having helped begin all of these initiatives. We also want to congratulate member, Tomas Tomczyk, founder and publisher of the new magazine “Mot Mot” that is debuting at the time of writing.

Our next meeting will be held at the Kaknes Gallery in front of Telepizza on Friday October 4, 2013 from 4-6pm.

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