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Other websites and blogs about Nicaragua.

There are quite a few websites, forums and blogs about or in Nicaragua. Let me know if you know some other interesting ones. Some have special utility. Everyone starts out writing stories and anecdotes but then eventually fade away. Here are some of the more active ones. This is an extensive list so scroll down and see them all.

Nicaragua Guide For Expats

This guide was created for people living in Nicaragua, those thinking about moving to Nicaragua, visitors or anyone wanting to know more about the real Nicaragua. There are many excellent guide books for the backpackers and casual tourists but here we hope to show you a personal Nicaragua with insights from people who chose to live in this wonderful country of cool mountains, sunny beaches, volcanoes, colonial cities and friendly people. Here you will find tips on how to become a resident, costs of living, health care considerations, community activities and much more. Everything you would like to know about living here: cost of living, medical facilities, buying building or renting, taxes, paperwork, doing business here, answers to what life is like here and more. Let us help you understand this beautiful country: its history, the regions, the people, things you should see, stories, topics, the government and photos. Learn about organizations helping Nicaragua such as where you can volunteer your time and services, contact information, typical projects. We even have our diariesand a blog  from the day we decided to move here that shows the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Nicaragua Art – Centro de Arte

Centro de Arte is located on Calle Calzada in Granada, Nicaragua. The studio is the main floor and garden area of GPS property management services. It provides wonderful light and a continuous stream of people from all over the world. We offer painting classes in oil, acrylic, watercolor and pastel. Drawing is also offered with an occasional model for life drawing. All paints, brushes, palettes and such are ready for your use. Canvases are available for purchase and come in a variety of sizes.

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Puedo Leer Biblioteca

Puedo Leer (I Can Read) is the name of the first lending library in Granada, Nicaragua. Years ago a group met to discuss how to bring to reality the first lending library in the area. Now the dream has grown to include two additional reading rooms, regular book deliveries to local and rural schools, mobile libraries, reading in the park and many other book-related activities. More importantly, we are seeing more children reading and listening to stories.
Our mission is simply to bring the joy of reading to the people of Nicaragua. Please visit the website to see what we are doing and how you can help.

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Nicaraguan Pathways

Interesting blog/website by Pat Werner who has lived in the Diriamba area of Nicaragua for 30 years. Good info on little known things about Nicaragua including orchids.


North of 60 – Furthersouth

Although it has taken me a while to consider a personal blog, enough of my friends and family have suggested this format.

It has been over a year now that I have lived full time in Nicaragua.

Margie’s Nicaragua Page

Good blog of someone who has moved permanently to Nicaragua.

Senior Travelers

Good blog aimed at senior citizens that live to travel or live elsewhere.

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Nicaragua Dispatch

The best English source for national and relevant news about Nicaragua. Tim Rogers is the well known editor and publisher.

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Cultural Events in Managua

Afraid most cultural events are in Managua including the good movie theaters. The website below has all of the schedule of events.

Travel Blog for the Tropics
And they have an Ebook on Granada. Just go to the bookstore section.

No Particular Place to Go

We’re baby boomer expats who are currently traveling in Central America after opting out of the “American Dream” and selling. Nice blog on Dick and Anita’s adventures. Click here for the website

Mother’s Perspective on Nicaragua

Interesting Nica blog from a mother’s viewpoint. Click here for the website

Managua International Airport

In Spanish and English, good information for the main airport in Nicaragua.

Living in Leon

Good blog about the Leon and northwestern areas of Nicaragua

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International Expat Exchange

Great website for all countries and the Nicaragua forum is very active.

 International Blogs

Another great website with active Nicaragua blog. - Where Expats Blog

 Nicaragua Expat Blog

Lists of other blogs available and has a small forum.
Click here for the website or on the logo below.
living in Nicaragua

Information for USA Veterans

General information for USA veterans and for those living overseas.

Life Outside the Box

A new blog of a couple traveling around Nicaragua looking for life outside the box.

Learning Spanish in Nicaragua

A website that shows the many schools available to learn Spanish including homestays.

In Nica Now

A new blog of another couple traveling Nicaragua

Right Side Guide

Blog and information about the eastern coast of Nicaragua including the Corn Islands

Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua

Good blog about life on the island of Ometepe.

Crazy Parents in Nicaragua

Blog from some parents from Canada that live in Leon.

Nicaragua Living Forum

Popular and rowdy forum handling questions about Nicaragua.

The Real Nicaragua Forum

Another popular forum for handling questions about Nicaragua

Best Nicaragua Website for Tourists

Well written articles and information on Nicaragua. Has most of the hotels and places to visit.

Website and Forum by Author of Moon Books

Nicaragua Department of Tourism

In Spanish but a good source of information on tourism.

Guide to San Juan del Sur

Good source of information about San Juan del Sur

Website for People Investing or Starting a Business

ProNicaragua is the organization you want to talk to if you are starting a business or investing in Nicaragua.

Living and Investing in Central America

Good articles about investing in Central America and the Caribbean.

Blog from the East side of Nicaragua

A different perspective from the other side of Nicaragua

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