Mosaico Newsletter April 2017

NEWSLETTER – April 2017


Tourism as a chance for the people on the countryside

Close to Granada in Nicaragua, there is an organization situated, that consists of six different agricultural cooperatives. The objective of the organization is to improve the social and economic living conditions of the families inside the cooperatives. On the one hand, the communities achieve that by offering various activities and tours to visitors, like for example fishing or watching how chocolate is made. On the other hand, they learn how to practice ecological and sustainable farming.
The organization supports the cooperatives for example by building small libraries, which enables the members of the communities and most of all the children to gain a better education. There also exist scholarship programs for the children, so they have the opportunity to get a higher school degree. Additionally, project N_F.12 supports the communities with various social programs, which are adjusted to the special needs of the population.
If you want to know more about project N_F.12, you can find a detailed presentation here or write us a message to

A different kind of library – Reading in the park

The children in Nicaragua do not read many books, on the one hand books are very expensive, not only for the families but also for the schools. On the other hand, because illiteracy is widespread in adults and many children cannot go to school. Therefore, the library of project N_F.03 aims to make reading and learning to read possible for the children of Granada. In a library close to the city center and a partner library in one of the outer neighborhoods, the children are able to read books and participate in other activities, like drawing, writing, doing handicrafts or getting help with their homework, after they finished school in the morning.
Every second week the project brings bags of books to many schools in Granada, so the teachers can read something to the children. Moreover, the library organizes a reading circle every Saturday in the park and plans to expand it to other parks in the city to reach more children.
Here you can find more detailed information about project N_F.03 or if you contact us

Welcome and Goodbye

This month we welcomed two new volunteers in Nicaragua and Guatemala. Carina looks after the children of project N_F.23 in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Granada, Nicaragua, and supports them with their personal and educational development. Robin works in the wildlife sanctuary of project G_G.01 near Flores, Guatemala, and looks after endangered animals. We wish both of them beautiful and interesting experiences and a great time in Central America.
Unfortunately, we also have to say goodbye to some of our volunteers. Ricarda and Laura have worked the last 3 months in project N_F.28 in Granada and have taught and looked after the children in a day care center. Furthermore, Lilith finished her work with the children of project N_F.23 and just returned home from her trip through Central America. We wish the three of them all the best for their future and thank them for their work in Nicaragua.

Goodbye in the office

Also in April, we had to say goodbye to one of our office volunteers. Malena has supported our office team in Granada for the last two months and showed a lot of effort for her work. We will miss her and her open nature. We wish her all the best for the future and a good and safe trip returning to Germany.
Finally, we finished the video of this year’s World Water Day. Here you can watch what we did and see all the amazing performances. Have fun watching the video!
Support the education of children in Granada

In our March Newsletter, we wrote about the annual handing over of school packages to especially motivated children from disadvantaged neighborhoods in Granada. These packages contain among a school uniform and shoes a range of writing materials. For the second school term, we want to give them new exercise books and pencils, so they can join the classes well-equipped and make it possible that they further visit the school.
With every donation, one child from a poor neighborhood in Granada can go to school. The children and their parents are thankful for every help.
Thank you very much for your support!
Journey to the country of the everlasting spring

The last week of April and the first week of May, we are going to visit our projects in Guatemala. Guatemala is with a population of more than 15 million people the most populous country in Central America and the heart of the Maya culture.
On Facebook and Instagram, you can follow our journey, find out more about the projects in Guatemala and gain a vivid insight into the work of the projects.

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