Natural Way To Kill Parasites

By Dr. Jerry Lee Hoover N.D.

Here in Nicaragua, like many third world countries, sanitation is not what we would like it to be.  So we need to be more cautious with our living habits. According to the Center  for Disease Control and Prevention one-third of the world’s population is infected with parasites.  In this article I will be sharing how one can eliminate those unwanted parasites.  But first lets take a look at ways we become infected.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one-third of the world’s population is infected with parasites. They can enter the body through food or water, mosquitoes, intimate contact and through the nose or mouth after touching an animal or any contaminated surface.  The ideal environment for parasites to live and grow in our bodies is promoted by a diet that includes refined carbohydrates (sugar), raw fish (sushi), undercooked meat (specifically pork) and even inadequately washed fruit and vegetables.

Food handlers have been in the news lately because of their role in the spread of parasites.  When my wife and I go shopping at the local market amongst all the sellers we will not even consider buying any fruits or vegetables from someone who is selling meat at the same stand because of cross contamination. Some people who prepare food, as well as the general population do not wash their hands after going to the bathroom. When you consider that many of the unhealthy organisms are spread by fecal-oral contact, this lack of personal hygiene may be one of the more common factors in the spread of these invaders. Consider everything that you touch that is handled by others; money, door handles, menus, salt shakers, and everything else — the possibilities for contamination are enormous.

Parasites find friendly environments and automatically settle in for the long haul. When our immunity is low and our digestive system is not in good working order they can take refuge in our body. But, dietary changes can help improve this health problem.

These tiny critters are often difficult to get rid of, and also hard to diagnose. The symptoms of parasitic infestation are very general and may not be that different from other conditions. The intestinal symptoms are bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, allergies and poor immunity. These tiny creatures are often difficult to get rid of and sometimes hard to diagnose as the systems of having parasites are very general in nature.  Parasites can cause health problems such as bloating, cramps, diarrhea, allergies, anal itching, anemia, low immune system, mucus or blood in stools, weight loss, etc.  Parasites can even affect your mood with anxiety or depression.

If you are not sure you have parasites I would recommend going to your favorite laboratory with a stool sample.  The laboratory I use in Granada is called Laboratory Clinco MEDILAB,  it is located on Atravesada No. 605     The owner worked in the U.S.  and is Licensed by HRS of Florida.  She speaks perfect English. Here in Nicaragua you do not need a Doctors prescription to take something to the laboratory for testing.

So how are we going to kill these harmful creatures?

There are many different kinds of food that can kill them.  Garlic, pumpkin seeds, green onions, etc.   But one of the strongest that kills most types of parasites is  PAPAYA SEEDS  and that is the one I will be sharing with you today.  Besides papayas are in abundance here in Nicaragua year round.

The seeds from the papaya fruit have anti-helminthic and anti-amoebic properties, meaning they kill intestinal worms and other parasites in our digestive system. A 2007 study of 60 Nigerian children with strong evidence of intestinal parasites showed an over 75% clearance rate of infection in just seven days. This was after receiving a 20 ml dose of papaya seed extract,  (Note:  The fresh seed is even stronger).  The researchers said “… papaya seeds are efficacious in treating human intestinal parasites and without significant side effects.”

There are many ways to get the papayas seeds down.  Some dry the seeds, then grind them and make a smoothy out of them which tastes horrible as papaya seeds are very hot.  For me the easiest way to get them down is just take and swallow the seeds whole, no horrible taste and let your stomach acids break them down.  How many seeds should one take?   An average of 10 to 20 as taking too many can cause problems as some people are actually allergic to papayas. Its best to take them with your meal twice a day, preferably the morning and evening meal.  You need to take them for a minimum of 7 days, better to do it for 10 days.  Then one week later do it again for 7 to 10 days as we want to not only kill the parasites but also their eggs.  During this time I encourage my patients to be eating extra high fiber foods such as whole wheat bread, beans, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as these high fiber foods help produce more bulk in the large colon and help carry out the dead parasites at a faster pace.


Papayas are  full of Vitamin C that one papaya has more than triple the recommended daily value!  Papayas are rich in anti-oxidant nutrients namely carotenes, lycopenes, vitamins C, E and A and flavonoids. Papayas also contain the B vitamins, folate and pantothenic acid, and the minerals potassium and magnesium, and fiber. All these promote a healthy cardiovascular system and also protect against the risk of cancer. They also help to maintain a healthy immune system, preventing recurrent ear infections, colds and flu.  Papayas being rich in fiber are able to lower high cholesterol levels. The fiber is also able to bind the cancer-causing toxins in the colon and keep them away from the healthy colon cells, thus reducing the risk of colon cancer. They’re also rich in lycopene which has been shown in studies to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.      

The papaya grows from a seed to a fruit bearing tree with ripe fruit in 10 to 12 months, so in one year you can have your own papaya.  I planted 6 trees on my property in Laguna De Apoyo and I already have fruit on the trees, just waiting for it now to ripen up.
About the Author:

Doctor Hoover N.D.  is now retired and presently lives in Nicaragua and is continuing to write and lecture on Natural  Health. He has a website where you can down load his free book NATURAL MEDICINE.


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    A diet rich in raw garlic, pumpkin seeds, carrots, beets, pineapple, papaya seeds and pomegranates can help to kill parasites. Honey and papaya seeds are good with plenty of water to flush the system. Consuming more fiber helps the body get rid of parasites especially worms. Avoidance of coffee, sweetened juices, refined foods and alcohol is believed to help. Adding sweet potatoes and squash to the diet is believed to increase the intake of vitamin A, which increases resistance to the parasites. The addition of spices such as turmeric and cloves can help fight the parasite onslaught.

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