A New Year, a New Campus!

“Education promotes equality and lifts people out of poverty. It teaches children how to become good citizens. Education is not just for a privileged few, it is for everyone. It is a fundamental human right.
— Ban Ki-moon

Et brev fra direktøren,,en,klasse,,en,Vi er off til fantastisk start på året med implementering af mange nye programmer,,en,hvoraf den ene er Whole Brain Undervisning,,en,Denne tilgang klasseværelse fokuserer på elevernes engagement og classroom management,,en,Det er anvendelsen højdepunkter at som undervisere vi taler for meget,,en,miste vores publikum under lange forpustet lectures.It også centreret om behovet for bevægelse og mest af alt sjovt,,en,Hver lektion kommer med en liste over fagter til at hjælpe børn huske nøglebegreber,,en,Vores lærere taler ikke mere end,,en,minut ad gangen, og derefter børn er ansvarlig for at kommunikere med fagter koncepter lært,,en,Den dynamiske karakter af denne pædagogiske metode giver os mulighed for at maksimere elevernes læring ved at appellere til mange forskellige læringsstile,,en

Hello again,

As 2017 comes to an end, we have many things to be grateful for and excited about. When school starts again in January we will be at our new location. The last few days of our trimester were spent reviewing what we had learned and packing 4 1/2 years of memories and learning into boxes for our new journey.

It was a bittersweet feeling as our small home has served us well over the last few years. Being in such a small space was difficult at times but also very beautiful. From all corners of the school, you could hear the magic that was taking place in the classrooms. Echoes of giggles, interactive lessons, og “class! class!” were a constant part of our school day. So many struggles, victories, and accomplishments happened inside the building we will now be leaving behind.

2018 brings for us so much promise, with a new facility that we can grow into and not out of. We will have two playgrounds, sports fields, cafeteria, and much more! I look forward to all the memories that will be created as we continue to grow and the opportunities this new space will be able to provide.

One of which is the addition of a Kinder 2 class. The program will have a strong Montessori influence. Our smallest students will enjoy morning nature walks on our new property. They will collect treasure along their route to later be discussed during science class. They will learn to be independent so that they can transition into their preschool years with ease. They will continue to develop their spoken language through songs, rhymes, poems, and stories. This early integration is extremely beneficial as children learn to interact with one another and resolve conflicts. We are excited to welcome these tiny humans into our school community. Their curiosity for the world around them is contagious and we look forward to helping them begin their educational journey.

There is a lot to be accomplished over the next month but we look forward to all of the blessings 2018 has in store for our students, faculty and staff! We wish you the Happiest of Holidays!

Lauren White

Global Thanksgiving 2017

This year, we celebrated our Global Thanksgiving in the convention center of the cathedral because we have outgrown our space at the school. The decorations were great and there was plenty of space for everyone. Our parents brought a dish to share from their native country and we had such a great feast! Michell Ortiz, a second grader, entertained us with a beautiful poem about being grateful. All of us at GIS are grateful for our health, our parents and students, our families, our community and our supporters. We wish you all Happy Holidays and wonderful New Year.

Holiday Concert in the Park

This was our second and final year to perform our Holiday Concert in the Xalteva Park. The Kindergarten students performed “Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer” with gusto. The 1st and 2nd grades sang “Silent Night’ which was beautiful. The 5th and 6th grade girls rocked around the Christmas tree and the boys did an amazing rendition of “Carol of the Bells”. “Jingle Bells” featured students soloing on the flute and one leading on the guitar. Each class did an amazing job and the finale, “Feliz Navidad”, was fun and uplifting. It was the perfect ending to 2017 and to our first semester of classes.

Movin’ on Up!

Friday, December 15 was “boxing” day at the school. Each class was cleaned and all items boxed for our move to the new property. Parents dropped by to help which made it so much easier. It will be so much fun unpacking in our new location and setting up our classrooms. Pictures to follow!

Monday, December 17, remodeling of the new location began. Knocking out walls to increase the classroom sizes; building walls to add more office space in the administration building as well as cutting out doorways into the cafeteria for more light and air.

In choosing colors for the classrooms, we were given some advice from both a child psychologist and a long time educator. Did you know that light green is great for libraries and a warm orange if the perfect color for a lunchroom. Younger students tend to like warmer colors such as light yellow while older students like the coolness of the blue palette. There are also colors which are better in math classes opposed to a social studies classroom. The psychology of colors is something to think about when we get ready to paint. Who would have known!

The boxes are packed and classes are waiting to be moved. We will miss our little school house.

The walls are coming down to enlarge the classrooms. Makes you want to swing that hammer!

More Books for Our Library

All World Books is donating about 800 Spanish language books to our school for our library but we need to get them here. They are willing to ship anyplace in the United States but we would have to pay international shipping for them to ship here. We have a freight forwarder who charges us $2.50 per pound for a box of books which is around 40 pounds for a total of $100 per box. To save money, we would be willing to pay the additional $40 for an extra baggage charge if anyone was coming this way and could bring a box with them. If you would like to help, please email Kellydgraber@yahoo.com and she can arrange shipping.

Tips For Making Your Charitable Donation

Tax-Deductible In 2017

The 2017 tax year will soon becoming to an end so now is the time to make your tax deductible donation. Granada International School has a registered 501c(3) corporation in the United States whose purpose is to raise money for the school. Venner af Sacuanjoche School, Inc will send you a letter for all donation over $250. Here area a couple of tips you may not be aware.

Consider donating appreciated assets. Donating property that has appreciated in value, like stock, can result in a double benefit (just ask Zuckerberg). Not only can you deduct the fair market value of the property (so long as you’ve owned it for at least one year), you will avoid paying capital gains tax. Normally, appreciated assets are subject to capital gains tax at disposition – whether by selling or gifting – but there’s an exception for donations to charitable organizations.

Don’t forget about retirement assets. Typically, if you want to make a donation from your IRA, you’d have to withdraw those funds, pay the tax and then make the donation. There is an exception: IRA owners who are age 70½ or older can transfer up to $100,000 per year to an eligible charity tax-free. Even better: The transfer counts toward your required minimum distribution (RMD) for the year. To be an eligible transfer, funds must be transferred directly by the IRA trustee to the charity (you can’t pull the funds out yourself and write a check or you don’t qualify for the exception).

Pay attention to the calendar. Contributions are tax-deductible in the year the contributions are made. To make it count during the tax year, gifts must be made by December 31. That doesn’t necessarily mean cash out of your account. Contributions made by text message are deductible in the year you send the text message if the contribution is charged to your telephone or wireless account. Credit card charges – even if they’re not paid off before the end of the year – are deductible so long as the charge is captured by year end. Similarly, checks which are written and mailed by the end of the year will be deductible for this year even if they aren’t cashed in 2017. Good intentions don’t count: making announcements that you intend to donate assets will not qualify for a deduction in the current tax year unless you make good on the pledge during the year.

To make your tax deductible donation, click here.

When you imagine your new life with your family in Nicaragua, what does it look like? More family harmony, more peace and adventure- more happiness? I remember envisioning all of these things before we left the States.

A parent’s dream to move to Nicaragua is often fueled by desires to create a different life for busy, maybe disconnected families who ponder what it would be like to slow down, grow closer together and possibly dedicate some freed-up hours to a meaningful volunteer experience.

To achieve that dream of a closer family life abroad will take some careful mental planningthat starts before you get on the plane to Managua. Continue

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