Nica Nuggets 6/24/13

Gold Nuggets

Much nicer temperatures and regular rainfalls. Looks to be a nice rainy season this year.

Reminding me of my mother when I was just a kid, we have a nice little article on clotheslines which are so popular here in Nicaragua. The clothesline was an event calendar your neighbors could see as they walked or drove by. It was easy to see when there was an addition to the family (remember diapers?), how many beds you had by the number of sheets and on windy days you could hear the snap of the clothes flapping in the breeze.

Amy painted a series of paintings which featured the Nica clotheslines and one is shown here.

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Add your event to the calendar or just check to see what is happening.

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Try to look at our classified ads once in a while. And those of you that were successful in renting, buying or selling something, recall that you agreed to make an appropriate donation to Puedo Leer biblioteca. Remember, I’m free but not cheap!

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Things They May Not Ask on Jeopardy

I come from the Yukon.  In the north, a nugget sometimes refers to a nugget of gold, but more often to the pellet shaped turds of wild ruminants such as moose, deer and caribou.  Nugget jewelry is oven baked turds, varnished and used as beads.

From Chris Dray

DB – So efficient, jewelry and a fragrance all in one accessory. Women, take note!

Volunteer Video on Puedo Learning

I know, I know. I said there would be little self promotion in these nuggets but it is my newsletter and this is a nice video created by some volunteers for our Puedo Leer Biblioteca. And it is actually for the children. Check it out!!

Our thanks to Anne Eason, Eleanor Eason and Lauren Tyler for the video and the volunteer work. More info on Puedo Leer at:

Attack of the Ants

Attack of the Ants

13 Natural Remedies for the Ant Invasion

Unknown Authors – Submitted by Alf Thorsberg

Ants are making their way into homes this time of year. Thankfully there are natural pest control methods to help you cope with and eliminate the problem. Plus, many of the solutions use what you already have in your cupboard!

Little tiny ants have …

Read online.

DB – We really do not have many ants in our house though friends have issues with them. Once in a while the leaf cutter ants appear when I plant a new flowering shrub. I am always amazed at the solutions women find for killing insects, cleaning floors, restoring that luster to your silverware, etc. It must be their hobby to try various household liquids and powders and see what it will do. And what is with the wonder chemical called Borax? It kills, it brightens, it cleans yet safe to leave near your pet.

Remembering Mom's Clothesline

Remembering Mom’s Clothesline

Received this from Dr. Jerry Hoover and at first did not think it was Nica enough to publish. Not sure who published it first. But here in the eternal land of sunshine and very expensive electricity, clotheslines are very popular even among the expats. No matter the size of …Read online.

A Small Favor, Por Favor

I have a love/hate relationship with FaceBook. Sometimes I think it is one of the most unproductive activities ever created yet it must be used to reach some people. If you are a FaceBook user and have not done so already, please click on the below links and LIKE the FaceBook page for me. It helps to be liked (not that I have any confidence issues). It also assures you get the latest updates.

Thanks, Darrell

Nicaragua Guide for Expats

Puedo Leer Biblioteca Foundation

Local Foundation
Builds Beautiful Furniture

Local Foundation Builds Beautiful Furniture

Acquire Wonderful Wood Furniture and Help Some Kids Have a Chance at a Future.

Okay, you’ve looked everywhere and just cannot find that exact table you want. Or you want a really nice picture frame and just don’t have time to pop up to Miami to get one.

Well folks, there just happens to be a program right …

Read online.

Rentals and More (rentas y mas) Granada

New service company in Granada. We offer the following:

Property Management, Rental Management, Sales and Promotion of Homes / Hotel rooms / Condos and Apartments in Granada and now Managua.

Cleaning Services for full /part time or holidays!!

Swimming pool cleaning services, Gardening Services, Pest Control Services

Nanny services for events or part time, as requested

Accompanying person services as requested

We also offer:

Cleaning supplies for homes / West Company Products

Swimming pool supplies / West Company Products

Marlene Bermudez Mora


Tel: 505-2552-9149 Cel: 505-8412-2027 Claro Cel: 8481-7354 Movistar


Japanese Dining Bar Kanpai

Kanpai Japanese Dining Bar has reopened after being closed for a month. We will now be open from Tuesday to Saturday from 5pm for dinner and starting Wednesday the 25th we will also be open for lunch at 12:00-2:30 (Wed-Sat)! We would love to meet you!


Jivamukti Yoga Class

Tuesday July 9th at Casa Lucia

Join International Yoga Instructor Ximena Gutierrez for an energizing Jivamukti Yoga class on Tuesday, July 9th at 7.30am at Casa Lucia.

The class will be taught in Spanish on an open air yoga pavilion overlooking the swimming pool and gardens.

The Jivamukti method of Yoga is one of the nine internationally recognized styles of Hatha Yoga. Jivamukti Yoga was created by David Life and Sharon Gannon in 1984 in New York. This method reintegrates the physical, philosophical and spiritual aspects of Yoga. Ximena has excellent reviews from her students in Central America, the US and Europe, and teaches classes suitable for all levels of practice.

For more information and to reserve your spot click on the link

Or email Yoga mats are available for your use.


Granada, Nicaragua–June 18, 2013– Hotel Xalteva, built in 2007, by visionary/founder/president D. Jay Snyder, they are the first available condominiums in this beautiful colonial city of Granada announced that it has received a TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence award. The accolade, which honors hospitality excellence, is given only to establishments that consistently achieve outstanding traveler reviews on TripAdvisor, and is extended to qualifying businesses worldwide. Only the top-performing 10 percent of businesses listed on TripAdvisor receive this prestigious award.

To qualify for a Certificate of Excellence, businesses must maintain an overall rating of four or higher, out of a possible five, as reviewed by travelers on TripAdvisor, and must have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least 12 months. Additional criteria include the volume of reviews received within the last 12 months.

This is true and Condo/Hotel Xalteva through high quality attention to details, customer service, employee training and development, support of the local culture and environment will become the premier luxury boutique condominiums in the country of Nicaragua and internationally known as the best location to invest, retire, and vacation.

For more information please visit their website:

Steam Cleaning Service

Harness the cleaning and sanitation power of a vapor steam cleaner. I own a Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaners here in Granada. I also have two young Canadian guys that love Granada and are willing to work hard to stay here. The have become experts at using the machine and are very reasonable about pricing.

I bought the machine because it is the only proven effective eco-friendly way to remove bed bugs forever. Also, this  technology helps blast away dirt, grease and grime leaving surfaces crystal clean. Plus the 320° steam kills mold, mildew, bacterial, fungi, food allergens, listeria and microorganisms on contact, leaving surfaces sanitized.

It is great for tile floors, cleaning out the spaces between decorative bricks, mattresses and cana on your ceiling. As I stated before, it is great for killing bed bugs. After the first use in a dormitory we found about 500 and even more dead eggs. After two days we have not found a single bug.

The machine uses vapor instead of water or harsh steam so it does not leave things wet.

If you would like to know more call me at 8903-4563 or 2552-0206  Chad

DB – This idea has always been on my top ten list of services we need here. Everyone sweeps and mops their floor but that just moves the dirt around. If it works as well as Chad says, I would probably do my floors at least once a year. And having two dogs and a cat, probably the mattresses too. Hotels should consider doing their mattresses periodically.

USA Embassy Newsletter

People have been having trouble getting the new embassy newsletter. They try to provide information that is practical and useful from the perspective of what people need to know about the Embassy or USA federal government. Be sure to go to the embassy website and register as being here in Nicaragua. It makes it a lot easier if you have a problem later.

Here’s a link to the recent emergency preparedness newsletter:

And the first debut issue earlier in the year:

Granada Catering Service

My new business is a most exclusive catering service and is aimed at foreign visitors in the city of Granada who come for short periods.

The service consists of a care service, in the case who are staying at home and not in hotels and requiring the services of someone to be sure your purchases required for your diet or we can prepare your meals.

If you need organized dinners and require staff who decorate the table, have ready everything you need for that, make dinner and take care of the attention of the guests, it is also part of our services. We have a basic menu but we are open to proposals and what our customers desire.

For accommodation we have a house available to stay for no more than a week or for small receptions, is located in the callle consulate of GONPER half block east on the sidewalk, is the home of two yellow plants.

We also offer packages of relaxing massages at Spa Balance (Hotel Bocona) or at your home in the event that the group is large we can book the spa free of charge for extra comfort in an atmosphere of relaxation.

Agradesco mucho your care and support.

Mercedes Gutierrez S.

Lamp and Lighting Shop

On a recent trip to Managua, Jennifer and I had a great experience at one of my favorite lamp shops.  Now, you know it’s difficult to find sconces, table lamps, chandeliers , fans etc.

Our friend, William , has quite an assortment and can custom paint things to the color that you want and order things that come in about 2 weeks.  He also has great prices, speaks English and Spanish.  He also has replacement parts for lamps, fans and light bulbs.  He’s located in a small strip mall behind Lafise/Bancento (the big building on Carretera  Masaya on the right hand side as you go toward Metro Centro)  Light Depot, Owner, William Arguello Centro Comercio San Francisco, Managua   2278-3411

From Nancy Bergman

Website for Ordering Nica Handmade Crafts

Masaya Market is the first website to offer a wide range of handmade crafts from Nicaragua. Browse our online store for the best offers on hammocks, powerful slingshots, spinning tops, toys, leather sandals, jewelry and more, with every single item in that list personally handcrafted by skilled artisans in Nicaragua.
Our site is geared towards tourists, but available to everyone! If you have previously visited Nicaragua, but couldn’t take anything home with you, this is great chance to buy the product you were looking for and get it shipped to your country. Everyone who can appreciate fine craftsmanship will enjoy the items that we have to offer as well.

URL title: Masaya Market | Handmade Gift Ideas

Richard Colindres
Phone: 505-702-2525

Kudos to UE Gourmet

I would like to give a shout out to UE Gourmet ( who recently held a Sunday buffet at Hotel La Bocona.  The food was delicious and the event was well organized.

UE Gourmet provides cuisine prepared to order from a rotating menu of dishes from European countries.  My husband and I have been enjoying the food since February.  It’s convenient to order from their website.  The food is made with the highest quality ingredients and we always look forward to their offerings.  We wish them well and hope they are here to stay.

Holly Winters

DB – Amy and I have also enjoyed many of their meals delivered to our home.

This Week’s Special

¡A partir de hoy el Chef propone su nuevo Plato del Día!

Plato del Día a partir del 24 de Junio:

  • Ensalada de la temporada
  • Filete de pollo al chimichurri acompañado de arroz mexicano y vegetales asados
  • Postrecito del día

$10.00 impuestos incluidos
¡Siempre riquísimo y a precio incomparable!

“Drink” especial de la semana en Bistro Estrada!
•    Blue Bistro – tenemos el coctel perfecto para ti, ven y disfruta de esta ingeniosa creación preparada por nuestro Bar tender ¡!

Por tan solo US$3.50 / Copa ( ¡aplica el Happy! )
Valida hasta el próximo Miércoles.

Happy Hour 2 x 1
Desde las 05:30 p.m. hasta las 08:00 p.m. todos los días para TODO tipo de bebidas alcohólicas servidos en copa, incluyendo el ‘Drink’ de la semana!

Reservas ONLINE:

This is the spa service at Hotel Bocona on Libertad.

Contact Mercedes Gutierrez S.

Submission of Articles

Shyness and being an expat do not go hand in hand. We need articles and all of you know something of interest. Write about the shock of coming to Nicaragua, what you like best about Granada, an interesting trip you took, your success in starting a business, financial tips, building tips, Nica music you like, etc. Come on! I’m not a great writer but I’m an interesting writer and so are you. Submit a rough article and we will clean it up for you.

Just send the article directly to me of at least 500 words. You may also send a photo in JPG format and smaller than 150,000 bytes. I will resize it if necessary.

Note – Due to the number of weird expats living here and some pessimists which should return to the country of their origen, we reserve the right to refuse articles or to edit them. Sorry, but some of you are just not happy about anything. We do accept constructive, intelligent opinion pieces.


Statements and opinions expressed in articles, reviews and other materials herein are those of the authors, editors and publishers.

While every care has been taken in the compilation of this information and every attempt made to present up-to-date and accurate information, we cannot guarantee that inaccuracies will not occur. Nicaragua Community will not be held responsible for any claim, loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of any information within these pages or any information accessed through associated sites. Remarks of cynicism or sarcasm may be dispersed among the nuggets because that is just the way I am.


  1. V. Fiallos

    January 20, 2017 at 10:04 am

    As always in this country, foreigners are the one that run business and make profits for their own interests and not for the well beings of the poor people that they really need help and of course you going to make profit at least give back to the community where you live, and that is Granada or any other place of this beautiful country.I strong believe that should be implanted in every corner of the whole country.Based that Nic., it is the second poorest country after Haiti,it will help a lot to put the country best interest before,the “need” of others; like health, education, infrastructure, and all the basics needs; a few maybe not, a huge conglomerate of foreigners getting richer and their own citizens getting poorer.I hope that this country find the balance and the prosperity for the country and their people.GOD bless Nicaragua.

    • Darrell

      January 20, 2017 at 11:09 am

      I would disagree with much of what you say. Every business provides jobs which is the biggest problem here and jobs lower the poverty level. The vast majority of the businesses are owned by the locals because there are not that many expats here yet. And most foreigners get involved with their employees such as providing for medical costs, quiceaneras, communions, weddings etc. And the foreigners tend to provide the INSS benefits and pension much more so than a Nica employer.