The Nicaraguan Education Resource Center (CREA)

The Nicaraguan Education Resource Center (CREA)
In rural Tola, Nicaragua, the Nicaraguan Education Resource Center (also known as CREA) is changing lives of children and youth by providing educational resources. While the organization maintains a long history of working in the communities that surround Playa Santana, Popoyo and other incredible beaches, as a registered 501c3 in the U.S. and a registered Nicaraguan organization, CREA has been providing services to five different rural communities and about 150+ students each week since May 2016 though three key initiatives: Library Services, Education Outreach, and Youth Development.
This past year has been incredible as programming has grown and we embarked on a capital campaign to fund the construction of our new home, the CREA Center. We are so excited for the upcoming move in a couple months as we are busting out of our two small offices that are located in the homes of local community members! The CREA Center will be a unifying place for local staff to work together to plan and execute critical programming while also being a place for locals and expats alike to spend time – checking out a book, learning something new, exploring our programming and new community water resource, or researching a topic on the Internet. The possibilities are limitless, and we encourage you to stop by in the near future!
As I write this small blurb for Nica Nuggets, I can’t help but think of the children and youth that we work with almost everyday of the week – like Luis, who is in primary school in Limón. At the age of 12, Luis wants to be a diplomat. He is currently learning English and will be looking forward to learning Chinese next, as he understands the importance of both languages. He fills the room up with joy with his thoughtful comments and comes to visit us outside of programming hours to find new books to read. Luis embodies the values of CREA and our motto, “Minds Wide Open.” CREA participants, like Luis, are supported and encouraged to achieve their dreams – in school, in life, and their future careers.
Another CREA participant who comes to mind is Dayner, a university scholarship student part of the Youth Development Initiative. Dayner is a leader who is eager to help out, provide advice and encouragement to others. He is currently studying Architecture and Engineering and dreams of one day opening his own business to take advantage of the increasing number of construction projects in the area. While he may come off as serious, he loves to laugh and joke. Dayner will be the first in his family to graduate from college, which is a tremendous achievement! To put his and others’ achievements into context, only about 1/3 of rural Nicaraguans graduate high school so attaining higher education is nothing short of awesome.
For both Luis and Dayner, and the many other children and youth that visit us at CREA, the motivation and encouragement they receive alongside educational programming provides the critical support needed to achieve their dreams.
To learn more about CREA, our Initiatives, the new CREA Center, and much more, please visit us at:
Corrie Burdett
Executive Director
Education Outreach Program Director, Mariana, reading with CREA participants at the primary school in La Virgen Morena.

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  1. scott hagg

    June 19, 2017 at 8:41 am

    Love what you guys are doing there in Limon. Good luck with your new home!