Peace Project Newsletter April 2017

Since the new year, the Peace Project has been moving mountains with its new and engaging team of volunteers. We are working together each day in order to improve our educational programs, our hostel and dive centre, and our community.
Take a look at our work in 2017 thus far!
Our StartSomeGood Crowdfunding Campaign is LIVE!

The most important news that we can bring to your attention this quarter, is that we have officially launched a 45 day Start Some Good crowdfunding campaign in support of our upcoming developmental projects 2017!

This year, the Peace Project is planning on expanding its educational programs here at home, and at the Gilberto Siles Public School where our volunteers tutor each week. Our goals are to:

  1. First, construct a community center at our hostel, and home, in La Laguna de Apoyo, in order to better facilitate our weekly tutoring courses with members of our direct local community.

  2. Second, acquire the neighboring property of the Gilberto Siles Public school, which currently has the funds necessary to construct two new buildings, doubling it classroom size, on that land. Including, improving their athletic field and minimizing hazards.

  3. Third, construct additional volunteer housing for our existing volunteers, as well as the additional volunteers to come, who will work in our current programs, our future community center, and the additional classrooms at the Gilberto Siles Public School.

  4. Fourth, purchase more computers for our computing courses, which is the favorite course among all of our students

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our new educational projects!

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Check out our Promo Video here!
Message from our Becados:
Why is school & English important to me?
At the start of the new year, we were happy to welcome 22 students into our Becado Scholarship Program thanks to our wonderful donors from around the world. Our volunteers have been working with them each week in English, art and environmental conservation courses.
Ender Silva is our first scholarship student to graduate high school and we are now very proud to be supporting him with his university studies! We would like to give a special shout out to Ender not only for starting his studies in Systems Engineering this year, but for exemplifying the values of our program. Ender has demonstrated how far you can go with a little talent and a lot of motivation and hard work – turning around low grades at the start of last year and being at risk of losing his scholarship, to achieving the program goal of 85% grades at the end of the year, which assisted him to get a partial scholarship from his university.

(Picture right, Ender hard at work studying for the University each day at his home in La Laguna de Apoyo)

This, combined with the support he is receiving from the Peace Project was enabled him to execute his studies. He is an inspiration to his community coming from a background where previous generations did not finish high school, and many could not read or write. Well done Ender!
Volunteering Positions Available!
We are currently seeking energetic and motivated volunteers for the following positions:

Hostel Life & Our New Artistic Touches

The Peace Project Hostel has been enjoying a flourishing period of high occupancy this season. We can now be found on HostelWorld, and we are looking to continue our growth through other booking outlets in the months to come. One of our goals this year was to transform a lot of the unused space at our hostel in Laguna de Apoyo.
With this in mind, we once again invited two familiar faces from the SharkNica crew, Javier and Max, to once again utilize their artistic talent to reinvent space at the project. They spent 3 days painting a ceramics shop nearby, promoting local artisanal works as well as directing travelers to our discreet and tranquil location tucked away in the canopies.
Thank you Shark Nica for once again visiting the project and donating your time!

Anne, one of our current educational volunteers, has also been busy at work utilizing her talent to create art in the interior of the Peace Project. Take a look at the kitchen below. Great job Anne!

Group Visits: Shoutout to St. James!

We have been thoroughly enjoying the various groups that have been visiting us at our hostel this season, and participating in service learning at both the Laura Vicuna Private School and the Gilberto Siles Public School. We want to give a special shoutout to the wonderful students from the Saint James School in Maryland who visited us this past month!

Each year, the St. James School brings an inspiring group of students to our hostel in Laguna de Apoyo, where they visit our private and public schools and participate in service learning projects, from teaching English and playing soccer, to cultural exchange and breaking pinatas.

We sincerely miss watching you connect with our local students and the community during your visit, as well as your high energy. Looking forward to your visit next year!

The Peace Project invites any school, institution and organization to take a look at our Impact Trip, and visit us for 2 weeks of service learning, adventure and growth!

Take a look at our Impact Trip at:

Comedy Abroad Fundraisers A Success!

During the last week of February, the Peace Project hosted Comedy Abroad, a group of hilarious comedians from Canada, as part of two major educational fundraisers in Granada. Comedy Abroad is a travel-friendly stand-up comedy group that travels throughout Central America raising funds for NGOs such as ourselves through comedy! Guests attended one of two events in Granada at Reilly’s Irish Tavern and Ron Kon Rolas, and the reception was fantastic!

If you missed out on the night of comedy and fun, follow them on facebook or on their website, as they will be continuing their comedic adventures next year!

For more info visit:

Progress in Xiloa for Volcano Divers Nicaragua
The Volcano Divers have been experiencing a very busy and prosperous season under our Dive Operations Manager, Theo Van Groesen, Dive Instructor, Oliver Ekstein, Dive Master, Kristel Ackermans, and Dive Master Trainee, Willian Garcia.

We want to send out a special thank you to Oliver Ekstein for all of his hard work volunteering with Volcano Divers as a Dive Instructor over the last 3 months. You brightened up everyone’s day, most notably with your talent on the guitar, and you will surely be missed!

They have expanded their diving programs to the Xiloa Lagoon, north of Managua, where guests can participate in advanced diving courses and stay at the renovated Lost Crater Retreat. We have recently patched up our boat, and waiting on permission to take guests on an even more personalized tour. One room is currently available for guests to stay, as advertised on AirBnb, Link Here.

Volcano Divers Nicaragua recently explored the Crater Lake Asososca in Leon, where you can not only dive, but also go horseback riding! They are looking to offer tours very soon, so stay tuned!
Volcano Divers Nicaragua is always looking to see new faces, and we hope to see yours soon in La Laguna de Apoyo!

And always remember, their Open Water PADI certification is the cheapest in all of Central America.

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