Proyecto Mosaico – August 2017 Newsletter

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Let’s read together

What does reading mean to you? For most of us it is a moment of silence and the opportunity to forget the world outside for a while. Honestly, we give too little thoughts about that ability. It is important to become aware that reading is not a given, but that it is the basis for education.

The project N_F.03 wants to support that prerequisite for education and for drifting away with your thoughts. The project we are talking about is a lovingly furnished library in Granada. Whether fantasy, history or science fiction, it doesn’t matter which kind of books you prefer, everyone finds a book of their taste here. Thanks to the engagement of the project coordinators and generous donations there is a mix of current books. The opening hours are from Monday to Friday. If the reading pleasure is still not satisfied you can also join the weekly reading session, which takes place every Saturday in Parque Central.

As you can see, the work in this project does not only happen in the library, there are a lot of tasks outside of the project, too. Beside of the fun with the kids in the library or in the Parque Central you are also work together with the library in Pantanal and the local schools. If you want to be a part of the project N_F.03, click here and get more information.
Children’s home in the heart of Granada

The property of project N_F.34 is located in the heart of Granada. As soon as you enter the project`s terrain you see a huge sports field, which is surrounded by high trees. This place of refuge was opened for children in 1995. The main task of this project is to ensure the basic needs for socially disadvantaged boys. Besides of the accommodation, the meals and the provision of medical care the boys always have the possibility to turn to somebody, if they should have concerns or worries. Another responsible part of that work is the daily education, which includes teaching and after school activities. In this project the boys have a place to thrive, to discover their abilities and to develop them. The project coordinator told us about the positive development of the project. The satisfaction of the children fills his working day with joy.

You want to support this dedicated team with your competences and skills? Read more about the project here and apply to become a part of it!
Welcome and Goodbye

Four new volunteers arrived in Nicaragua this August. Christine teaches English and supports the after school activities in the project N_F.31 at the Laguna de Apoyo. Until February 2018 Sarah will teach English in the project N_F.23 to children and youngster. In the environment project N_H.10 Karla works in the botanical garden in León and Jennifer plays and reads together with the children in the project N_F.03 until November.

Besides of the welcoming we also have to say goodbye to three really dedicated volunteers. Anna strengthened the team in the project N_F.28 for the last three month. She supported and inspired the children in this project with her huge commitment and positive energy. Sophie also enriched the project in which she was working for. With her creative and opening manner the children and youngsters in the project N_F.23 always had a lively English lesson. During his stay Frederik worked in two projects in Central America. After his turtle Project C_L.01 in Costa Rica, he went to Nicaragua. There he taught and spend his time with children and teenagers in the project N_C.02.

We want to say thank you to all of you, for your support and the good time we have and had with you!
The new volunteer coordinator arrived!

The August was a very special month for the team of Proyecto Mosaico. Gina arrived as our new volunteer coordinator in Granada! During the last weeks she settled in her new home, got to know the town and the people. Furthermore, she already fulfilled a lot of tasks in the office. Because of several visits in projects and a seminar she also got to know some project-coordinators and volunteers.

We are really pleased that Gina decided for the job as volunteer coordinator. The next year will be full of interesting and diversified moments. We wish you a lot of fun, a lot of special moments and valuable people you will get to know during your time in Nicaragua. We are sure you will have an unforgettable time in the land of lakes and volcanoes.

Here you can find more information and backgrounds about our current office team.

Goodbye in the office

The time with our office volunteer Alina got by too quickly as always. She just arrived and already had to leave again. Three months run by so fast, when you share such a good time. Alina was a big enrichment in our office because she supported us with a lot of engagement. She did not only support our team with her eloquent Facebook and newsletter posts as well as improving our texts on our homepage, she also helped to move the office. Alina, thank you for all your effort. The team of Proyecto Mosaico is looking forward to seeing you soon and wishes you success for your Master.
Marc Anthony - Vivir Mi Vida
Even though the summer in Europe is coming to and end we have the perfect song for you in order to extend the summer feeling a little longer.

To new shores!
The team of Proyecto Mosaico has a new home. After a lot of years the office in Granada moved into a new house. The volunteer coordinator Gina lives here now with two volunteers and our cozy assistants of the office, Lila and Batman. The office is now located directly in the Sala in the entrance. We all feel very comfortable here and are looking forward to your visit. Our new address is: De la entrada de la Monisamedia cuadra al surHasta pronto.
Volunteer workshop

On August 26th it was time again! The volunteers who are currently working in Nicaragua meet in Granada twice a year. Six volunteers of the projects and three office volunteers spend that day together and shared their experiences as volunteers. Due to some games, a small performance and a lot of interesting discussions we reflected three thematic blocks. What does culture mean to you? What is a culture shock? Why did you choose to do that kind of work? How can I prevent prejudices and discrimination? The Gallo-Pinto lunchtime and the evening spent together at the Calle La Calzada gave us the opportunity to make an exchange in private matters, too. The team of Proyecto Mosaico used that day to get to know better themselves, their own work and also the group of volunteers.

We want to say thank you to all the participants of this seminar. We had a lot of fun with you! We hope that everyone could take away something for theirself!
Do you know…LEÓN?

León- a lively city, full of history and a lot of possibilities to discover. The Cathedral of León is one of the most important ones in Central America. From the top you have an amazing view over León and the landscape full of volcanoes. In León you can get everywhere by foot. There is so much to discover- various people, a wild traffic, street sellers with traditional food, markets full of diverse fruits and vegetables and and and… Because of the special atmosphere, the nice and helpful Nicas and the colorful house walls you feel excited and curious for discovering more!

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