Proyecto Mosaico – February 2017


Big chance for the children from the countryside
Project N_C.02 in Jiquilillo offers a variety of programs to the city’s communities. On the one hand, it is the aim of the project to give the children in the region the possibility to do afternoon activities where they can do handicrafts and music as well as to get help with their homework and thus, have various opportunities to spend their afternoon in the “Kids Club”. While being part of this group the children are encouraged to take notice of the area’s problems, like for example pollution and waste disposal, to think about those problems, to analyze current situations and to look for solutions.
Furthermore, the project offers the local population English classes and computer courses, so that especially the adolescents have the opportunity for a better future and education.
If you are interested in project N_C.02, you can find a presentation and more information here or contact us via
Welcome to Central America
This month we welcome the new volunteers Sarah and Julia in Guatemala. Sarah supports the children with learning disabilities of project G_J.07 in Antigua and Julia works in the school for disabled of project G_M.05 in San Juan la Laguna.
We also welcome two new volunteers in León in Nicaragua. Phuong-Anh helps the child care center of project N_H.07 and Tabea supports the local small farmers at the educational finca for organic farming of project N_H.13.
Finally, we welcome Frederik, who initially supports the sea turtle project C_L.01 in Costa Rica and afterwards will give English classes in project N_C.02 in Jiquilillo in Nicaragua.
Growth in our office family
We are happy to welcome three new volunteers in our office in Granada. Sandra, Malena and Silvia will support our volunteer coordinator in the following months with her work and all the current tasks and projects.
Here you can find out more about the girls and the rest of our team.
Lately, we joined Instagram and we will give you now an insight into our daily routine in the office in Granada, what’s up in the city, where we travel to on the weekends and what experiences we make in Nicaragua.
You can follow us by searching for promosaico or clicking here.
World Water Day

On March 22, 2017 the world water day takes place. Like every year Proyecto Mosaico will prepare a program with various activities regarding water for all interested children and adults at the Lake of Nicaragua in Granada. We are in the planning stage and are looking forward to having a great day with many interested visitors and to explaining the people the importance of water and water protection.
Water, the Source of Life
As the world water day is coming closer, we show you this month a short video about the importance of water and the lack of drinking water in big parts of the world.
We are looking for helping hands

For a short while now Proyecto Mosaico has new advertising material and we need help to put it across to the public.
If you are interested in distributing brochures and hanging up posters, please write us until March 15 on Facebook or to
We are grateful for everybody who wants to help.

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