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Project of the month: N_G.04 Coffee cooperative in Jinotega 

Coffee is one of Nicaragua’s most important export goods. The cooperative in Jinotega is based on democratic co-determination of the individual producers and guarantees that the income goes directly to the coffee farmers. The integrated youth movement dedicates itself to literacy, cultural and environmental education. As a volunteer, you can choose between different tasks depending on your interests and individual abilities. You can either help engineers and farmers with their daily work or support the launch of new projects. You can also become an English teacher or lead workshops and courses in environmental protection.
Do you want to see the authentic part of Nicaragua and are you interested in environmental education and sustainable development? Then Jinotega is definitely the right place for you!
Proud donation delivery for the school packages-campaign

Since the new school year is about to start, it was high time for us to hand over the donations for this wonderful school package campaign to the project manager Janine. Altogether we were able to collect donations worth 1100 US $. Janine will now be busy getting backpacks, school uniforms, writing and painting utensils as well as books and notebooks. Thanks to your support, a total of 40 school packages can be put together and handed over to those children whose parents cannot afford all these materials.
A big thank you goes to all of you who made this great action possible!

Arrivals and farewells

January brings a lot of fresh air to our office in Granada. We are very happy to welcome Larissa, who will be here for the next 3 months to work in the field of public relations. She has already set many levers in motion, made contacts and written press articles for Proyecto Mosaico. Also, Larissa did a lot of promotional work and asked several magazines to publish articles to generate donations. This year, we’ve also gotten professional support in the field of graphic design. Mareike brings many years of experience in illustration, video design and graphics and will spend the next few months redesigning our organization. She also is a keen photographer and documentary artist, and always enriches us with her creativity.

We also welcome many new volunteers. The project N. F_23 can be happy about the support of Alona, who helps the children with their homework. The project G_G. 01 on the conservation of biodiversity in Guatemala has recently been enriched by Stefan. Katharina also joined us in January and helps in the project G_M.14 to preserve the Maya culture in Guatemala. From January onward, Heidi will support theG_B. 02 project, which takes care of the children’s cultural enrichment and runs musical projects. In addition, the N_H. 11 project will receive a new member: David will work there on research in the production of sustainable energy. We warmly welcome you all and wish you an exciting time in Central America!

In January, some volunteer stays have come to an end. We have to say goodbye to Paula, our office employee, Leandra, who was a lovable English teacher for the children of the lagoon, and Mikaela, who supported the project to preserve biodiversity in Guatemala. We thank you for your commitment and wish you a safe journey back home!

In Granada things are going hot – Chilicontest for the library

On January 28th, we were busy chipping and cooking. We have painstakingly prepared a refined chili to participate in the library’s charity event. Visitors pay $10 US entry fee to taste a variety of chilies, try their luck at the tombola and see a play by the children who come to the library project every day. With the raised money, the library can buy new books and invest in book buses, which serve as a library on four wheels.

The anticipation of the “El Berrinche” environmental festival increases

We are all excited! From 29.01. – 04.02.2018 the famous environmental festival “El Berrinche ambiental” will take place in Granada. The spectacle is organized by the circus school in Granada and Proyecto Mosaico will actively participate. While in many districts garbage cans have to be built and set up from plastic bottles, we will carry out a quiz with the children treating the negative consequences of pollution. Afterwards, follows a creative and playful action, in which we make cool things out of old tetra packs and plastic bottles. This should bring the kids closer to the idea of recycling. You can be curious!

Do you know… the wonderful long sandy beaches of Popoyos?

Popoyos is a famous surfing spot with miles of sandy beaches and stunning sunsets. Even people who are not yet fascinated by surfing can take long walks at the beach and enjoy the tranquility, slow down and chill out. Our office volunteer Paula spent the turn of the year there and was very enthusiastic about the relaxed atmosphere in Popoyos, lying directly on the shoreline.


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