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On the go in Jinotega

In June, we went off to Jinotega. The little town in the Nicaraguan highlands has a lot to offer. Among other things there are some projects we work with. Since we’re very interested in having good relationships with our partner projects, we visit them on a regular basis. This way we can keep up with the projects, get out of the all day office life and enhance the communication as well as the relationship.
In order to seize that trip we visited several projects: First we went to N_G.01, which takes care of physically and mentally handicapped children. The project does not only focus on education, but also on involving the parents to complete their holistic concept. The next project we visited was N_G.04. This cooperative consists of over 600 coffee farmers. They attach great importance to sustainability and high quality coffee. We even got to taste it – it’s so delicious! Another project we visited was N_G.06, which requires very good English skills, since the volunteers support English teachers. All in all it was a great experience and the people we met welcomed us with open arms and open minds.
You can see that we’re working with different projects, so everybody gets the chance to do volunteer work with us. If you are interested in volunteering with us, have a look at our presentations on our website or contact us directly via

We present

Now, we’d like to present the project N_G.02, which is very impressive. The staff is very active and enhances the whole organization with their creative and innovative ideas while focusing on education, prevention and encouragement.
In order to give working children an opportunity to receive education they have separated the town into 4 areas. In each area they focus on literacy and recreational activities to get the children out of their all day life and to show them alternatives. Furthermore, they support the children with legal issues or by offering psychological help, since child labor, abuse and addiction are still very present.
With their so called “Moviclub” they have created another very interesting project: Children meet up to make little movies about agreed topics. That means they have to search for information, to grab interviews and to process all the information. The Moviclub is a great opportunity for children of all ages to interact and to deal with current local and global problems. They also do interviews for the organization run radio station. Since recycling is an everlasting problem, N_G.02 has established the “green bike”. This gives children the opportunity to collect recycled waste just like carton or plastic bottles. The good thing about it is that the awareness grows and all the citizens support the children with the green bike.
If you are interested in volunteering with us, have a look at our presentations on our website or contact us directly via

Welcome and Goodbye

This month we welcomed two new volunteers in Central America. Vivek works with turtles and other endangered animals at the beach of Guatemala at project G_L.01 and Anna cares for the children in the day care centers of project N_F.28 in Granada, Nicaragua. Additionally, Anna tells you about her experiences in Nicaragua and her time in the project in her weekly posts on our Facebook page. We wish both of them a great stay in Central America and many amazing experiences.
Moreover, for some volunteers the time in their projects came to an end. In Nicaragua, we had to say goodbye to Brigitte and Anna. Brigitte worked in Granada with the children of project N_F.23 whereas Anna helped people who suffer from a psychotic disorder (N_L.10). In Guatemala, Anja said goodbye to the street children of project G_H.12 in Quetzaltenango and Robin finished her work with the endangered animals at project G_G.01 in Petén. Furthermore, in Costa Rica our volunteer Nathalie finished her service at the turtle project C_L.01. We hope that all five of them had a wonderful time in Central America and we wish them all the best for their future.

New faces in the office

This month we got additional help for our office in Granada. With Alina, a new motivated intern came to Nicaragua. For the next three months, she will support us with the work and among other things will be responsible for our Social Media platforms. We wish Alina a great time and a lot of fun in Granada!
Furthermore, our lovely Lila, the office cat, got a new playmate. The little speedster Batman brings a lot of life into the office.
Here you can find more information and backgrounds about our current office team.
In 2014 the song Happy by Pharrell Williams conquered the world – and Jinotega. We found this video of one of our partner projects and loved it – that’s why we want to share it with you.
You can see that it’s important to keep work and fun balanced! Keep it up N_G.02!

Walking for environmental protection

On the 6th of June, together with project N_F.31 we participated in a parade for the environmental protection at the Lake of Apoyo. With banners, drums, circus shows and loud speakers we walked down to the water and made the spectators aware of how important the protection of the nature is. Moreover, together with some students and residents we collected as much of the waste as possible to reduce the environmental pollution, caused by the thoughtless dumping of waste. Finally, the event was closed with great artistic and musical performances by the circus school (N_F.22) and the music group.
We hope that we left an impression especially in the minds of the children, so that in the future they pay more attention to the nature and the right disposal of their waste.
Upcycling with Soccer without Borders

At the end of June, the organization Soccer without Borders invited us to do a recycling workshop in their house in Granada. Initially, we told the 50 girls a bit about the waste, its origin and the right disposal. Particularly important was the reduction, reuse and recycling of the waste. Afterwards, we started our handicraft workshops. With the younger children, we did turtles and rattles out of old plastic bottles, whereas the older girls made wallets out of empty tetrapak drink cartons. Additionally, we explained the water and waste cycle to them and talked about the influence, which has air pollution on our environment.
We had a lot of fun with the girls and feel confident that they have learned something from the presentation as well as the possibilities to reuse waste!
With your help they can build a diverse center
On our journey to Guatemala in May, we visited project G_I.03 in San Juan Cotzal. The women’s cooperative sells self-woven products and offers ecotourism tours to visitors. A few month ago, the organization opened a new community center, which gives them new space to sell their goods as well as a kitchen and enough space for visitors. During our visit, one of the persons in charge, Pedro, told us about the cooperative’s plans regarding the center. In the following years, they want to open a hostel and also a small restaurant. Thereby, they want to give visitors the opportunity to get to know not only the area surrounding the project, but also the traditional meals of the region. Furthermore, the expansion shall support the organization financially in order to buy new materials for their main business, the weaving.
With your help, we want to give the women’s cooperative the chance to achieve their goals. Tell your family and friends about our donation appeal and help the women to come closer to their dream of “growing like a tree high into the sky”. The cooperative is grateful about your help!
A little bit of Nicaragua in Germany
Every year especially talented artists of the circus school of project N_F.22 tour through Europe. At the moment they are again visiting some cities in Germany and its neighbor countries to enchant the spectators with their performances. In July, you can see them in Kassel (1.-4.), Schwabach (5.-10.), Hamburg (11.-13.), Antwerpen (14.-17.), Karlsruhe (18.-24.), Dunningen and Tuttlingen (25. and 26.), Freiburg (27.-28.), Stuttgart (29.-30.) and Bonn (31. July – 2. August). Come see the show of the Nicaraguan boys and share your photos with us via Facebook or e-mail! We wish the boys a great time in Europe and successful performances.
Moreover, the circus school is currently repairing their ranch theater floor and is looking for support. With the price of one beer (US$ 3), you can help the organization to be able to provide a place where disadvantaged children can learn and show their artistic skills. Here you can find the link to their fundraising campaign and more information about the project. Every donation counts!

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