Proyecto Mosaico Newsletter June 2017


Be part of a childrens village in Quetzaltenango
This month we want to present you our new project G_H.24 in Guatemala. In this project about 160 children receive the support, which they don’t get because of their social environment. The children’s village cares for them and supports them by offering education in the fields of nutrition, development and health. Therefore, education is one of the most important tasks of the project.
Besides classes in Art, Music and Language the village focuses on Physical Education. The children can choose from a wide range of different disciplines like football, volleyball, basketball, baseball or dance. Thanks to the sports the children’s daily routine becomes more animated and joyful. The projects work makes a huge contribution to the Guatemalan society. So if you want to be a part of this project, get more detailed informationhere or write us directly:

Reading is key
Reading books and articles is very important for the education. Since it’s not that easy to get access to libraries nor reading material in some parts of the world, it is very important and good to have projects which take care of that problem.
And so does our partner project N_J.07: Based in the small Nicaraguan city Tipitapa N_J.07 creates a place of retreat for children and grownups, where they can read, communicate and play. The library is open for anybody and wants to promote reading and the growth of knowledge. Due to which they contribute to the general and cultural education of the people.
The volunteer run project also gives space for discussions encouraging the people to think critically, to question and to stand for their own opinion. They want to set a good example and take decisions by consensus. Furthermore, they support any creative idea and want to contribute to the community. Last month a couple of children of the project performed “The little Prince” in Granada. Coordinated by volunteers of project N_J.07 they presented a great show. If you want more informations about the N_J.07 visit our homepage or write us directly to:
If you want to read more about their performance, see further down in this newsletter.

Welcome and Goodbye

This month we welcomed two new volunteers in Nicaragua. Sophie who will support the project N_F.23 in Granada and Rainer who will teach German in the project N_J.01 in Managua.
And as so often, we had to say goodbye to several volunteers this month. Viveks time in Hawaii, Guatemala is over. He helped the project G_L.01 in protecting turtles. Tasha said goodbye to the children of N_H.07 in Nicaragua. As well as Tasha, Veronika finished her social work in Matagalpa. Last but not least we want to say goodbye to Krista, who helped with her two children the local children on Isla Ometepe.
We wish you the very best for your future and want to thank all of you for your support and help in the projects.
A new face in the office

The office team in Granada got additional help: Katharina from Gießen is our new intern for the next three months. She will support us and will be in charge of the social media platforms. We hope she has a great time and wish her a lot of fun in Granada.
Here you can find more information and backgrounds about our current office team.
We started supporting Janine from APIMUNIC and Juan the social worker in charge of the Pantanal neighborhood three years ago. We collected donations for 47 children and enabled them to start well-equipped the school year. See our first handover of the school packages and get an impression of what we are doing!
New school packages for children in the Pantanal neighborhood
After the generous donations in March, again, it was time to hand out school packages to 40 children in the Pantanal neighborhood of Granada. The packages were filled with new exercise books, pencils and other materials for the upcoming school half-year.
The children and their parents thanked all the donors for the necessary school material, which gives the pupils the opportunity to finish well-prepared their school year. Furthermore, we want to say thank you to the social workers Juan and Janine, who enable the cooperation between Proyecto Mosaico e.V. and the students in Pantanal.
In November, we will start to collect new donations for the school year 2018. Do you want to support the children in Pantanal? Click here for further information and to find out more about other campaigns.
Do you know GRANADA?

In the future newsletters we would like to tell you about our project sites.
And today we will start with telling you something about Granada. It’s a beautiful colonial city in the northern part of Nicaragua. Our office is located in that city, which has so much to offer.
Gathering information about Granada, you won’t be able to avoid reading about the cathedral. Situated in the heart of the city, the cathedral is the most central spot. From which you can orientate easily. In front of the cathedral is the Parque Central (central park), where the city offers free WIFI! Since it’s a colonial city, there are a lot of churches like the La Merced or the Guadalupe and many more.
Also, on almost every corner there is a food stand with typical Nicaraguan food. So delicious! Furthermore, you can find a lot of treats on the market as well: fruits and vegetables, Vigorón (a typical dish), cheese or a lot of different juices. The market is definitely worth a visit. As is Granada! So, if you’re in Nicaragua you really should come to visit that beautiful city but also come and visit us in our office!
Sophie is on Instagram!

Since last week we have a new volunteer: Sophie from Austria. On Instagram she will lead you through Granada. If you want to know more about her and the city, see our Profile!

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  1. pat werner

    August 4, 2017 at 5:57 pm

    Quetzaltenango is an interesting place. I used to buy chantarelle mushrooms there, which were big and yellow and really good tasting.