Proyecto Mosaico Newsletter – March 2017

NEWSLETTER – March 2017

Ambitious goals for the future

In the rural areas near project N_C.03 the majority of the population earns about 1.50 US Dollar a day. To change that and give the women and their families the opportunity to have a better life the project supports the women to found their own ecological-farming small companies with the help of micro credits. Furthermore, the organization offers workshops, which help two groups of women at the moment, to improve the husbandry of chickens and pigs and what is important for the work with animals.
In the future, project N_C.03 plans to organize additional 200 women into agricultural groups and wants to offer English classes for the organization’s employees so they can improve their communication with arriving volunteers.
You can find further information and a detailed presentation on the work in the project here or if you write us an e-mail to

A new home for N_F.31

Last year, project N_F.31 found a new house. In the meantime, there have been made a lot of changes in the inside and the organization was able to extend their offers for the community’s children and adults. In addition to the English, computer and literacy courses, they also offer various leisure time activities.
The self-made macramé bracelets are directly displayed in the workshop and together with the self-made paintings they are offered for sale. Apart from those activities, the children can occupy themselves with sports, like soccer and basketball, or with theater and dancing classes. Furthermore, project N_F.31 supports a local drinking water project as well as a nutrition program at the Laguna.
An informative presentation about project N_F.31 can be found here and you can get even more information if you contact us via

Welcome and Goodbye

This month we are happy to welcome two new volunteers in Central America. Nathalie supports the sea turtle project C_L.01 in Costa Rica and Anna teaches the children in the local community center of project N_N.05 on the island of Ometepe in Nicaragua. We wish both of them a great and interesting time and many new experiences.
Unfortunately, we also had a few goodbyes this month. Leonie worked the last few months with the children from the library of project N_J.07 in Tipitapa and Renske and Julia supported the Maya women artisans of project G_M.14 in Guatemala. Also, Xenia and Timo had to say goodbye to their students at project N_N.05 on Ometepe. We hope all of them had a great time in their projects and are now enjoying their time traveling or have already returned home safely.

Minus 1 in the office

Particularly hard was saying goodbye to our office volunteer Sabine this month. The last three months she supported our team in Granada with many ideas and big effort and now she started traveling through Central America. We had a wonderful time with her and will miss her, her happy mood and her energy very much.
We wish Sabine all the best for the future, a great and adventurous time and a safe trip.
Last year, our former office volunteer Verena visited some of our projects and made a beautiful image film for Proyecto Mosaico. Thank you Verena for making this great video!
Watch and enjoy!
Many happy students in Granada

At the beginning of March, we could finally distribute the donated school packages together with APIMUNIC. About 40 children from Pantanal and Santa Emilia were happy to receive a new school uniform as well as writing materials this year. The children and their parents are very grateful for the support and the chance to go to school on a daily basis. To make that possible for a long-term period, we want to give the children new materials for the second school term.
We would appreciate it, if you tell your friends and family about the project and keep on supporting us and more importantly the children. Here you can visit our profile on betterplace.
Thank you very much for your support!
Big spectacle at the Lake of Nicaragua

On March 22 we celebrated the World Water Day at the Lake of Nicaragua in Granada. With the support of our project at the Laguna N_F.31, the circus school N_F.22 and a center for disabled people close to our office we spend a great day. During recycling workshops and games dealing with water, the children learned something about the importance of water and the right disposal of waste. Moreover, there were a few spectacular performances with dances, music and acrobatics. At the end, all participants collected a huge amount of waste in order to reduce the environmental pollution at the shore of the lake.
All in all, we had a wonderful, successful and exciting World Water Day and we were delighted about the large participation of the children and projects.
We want to say thank you to all the participants, helpers and spectators and are looking forward to next year!
On our website you can find more pictures.

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