Proyecto Mosaico Newsletter May 2017



New daycare center for disadvantaged children

In the last few weeks, the daycare center of project N_F.28 opened a second house. Like the first location, the second one works with the same plan and currently looks after ten children from less fortunate neighborhoods in Granada. In the following months, the project will employ two more teachers and is then able to receive 18 additional children. The organization gives children from poor families, among other things, the chance to get help with their homework, learn English, receive healthy meals and play with the other children. Furthermore, the organization cares for the education of their employees and gives them the opportunity to study at the weekends and thus, build themselves a better future.

If you are interested and want to get to know more about project N_F.28, look at the presentation on ourwebsite or write us a message to

A lot of effort at the projects in Guatemala

The last week of April and the first week of May we spent in Guatemala to visit the projects there in person. Three of the organizations that we visited (G_I.03, G_M.11 and G_M.14) support Maya women artisans to take care of their families and to pass on and preserve their culture. Not only does the projects’ help change the living conditions of the women and their families, it also changes the woman’s role within the family. Three projects (G_J.07, G_J.23 and G_M.05) work in supporting disabled children and adults. All three organizations have different approaches and objectives, but give the children and adults a loving environment and special education opportunities. Moreover, we visited three further organizations: A music school (G_B.02), which gives the people of the community the chance to learn an instrument, a school with a home (G_H.12) for children that live on the street and children from poor families and the animal project G_L.01, that tries to preserve and explore endangered species.

We got to know many interesting and ambitious projects as well as passionate people. We were greatly impressed by their ideas and the realization of those. You can find more detailed information about the respective projects on our homepage or send us directly an e-mail to

Welcome and Goodbye

This month we were happy to welcome Brigitte in Granada, Nicaragua. She supports project N_F.23 and helps to teach socially disadvantaged children. We wish Brigitte a great time in the project and a lot of fun in Nicaragua.

A few volunteers finished their work and are now leaving again. In Antigua, Guatemala, we were able to say goodbye to Sarah in person. Sarah looked after the children at the school for children with disabilities of project G_J.07. In León, Nicaragua, Aurore and Phuong-Anh finished their voluntary work with the projects N_H.11 and N_H.07. Aurore supported a model finca for sustainable farming and renewable energy and Phuong-Anh helped the children of her organization with doing their homework and played with them in the afternoon. Also in Granada the time for two volunteers came to an end. Carina helped to teach the children of project N_F.23, whereas Daniel not only taught the children of project N_F.31 how to play the guitar, but also supported the circus school (N_F.22). We hope all five of them had an amazing time and wish them a great time traveling through Central America and a good flight home.

Even more farewells

Slowly, our office in Granada is becoming empty again. In May, we had to say goodbye to Silvia. The last three months she supported us with her knowledge and experience and brought a lot of life into the office. We will miss her and her open-minded and adventurous nature very much. We wish Silvia only the best for the future and that she will continue to go through life with that much joy and energy.

With Daniel there is leaving another help of the office. In weekly reports about his time in Central America, he gave our Facebook friends an insight into his life in Nicaragua, his work in two projects as well as the variety of travel destinations in Nicaragua and Co. We are very grateful for his support and wish him many new and great experiences in the future. Diacachimba y hasta pronto, Daniel.

Enjoy some impressions from our trip to visit nine projects in Guatemala.

We are very grateful to the organizations for letting us visit them and showing us their work.

Impressive experiences and a lot of nature

In addition to the project visits, we had a little bit of time to explore the country on the weekends and in the afternoons. Guatemala has four active volcanoes and we were able to see two of them, volcano Pacaya and volcano Fuego. The hike to volcano Pacaya was not as exhausting as that one to Acatenango. Unfortunately we could not see any lava, but the atmosphere up there was very mysterious because of the fog and the rumbling sounds the Pacaya made. We also had the opportunity to roast marshmallows over the steam. The second volcano we saw was a lot more spectacular. We did a camping trip to volcano Acatenango and after a long and exhausting hike we had a beautiful view of volcano Fuego. The darker it became, the more active the volcano was and we could see the lava erupting out of the volcano. About half past 8 there was a spectacular eruption, that filled us with astonishment. For the sunrise, we climbed up to the top of volcano Acatenango and had a beautiful panorama with the two volcanoes Agua and Fuego in the center. We were very impressed by this trip and would recommend it to everybody who is traveling to Guatemala.

At the lake of Atitlan our time was filled with the visits at the projects, nevertheless we were able to enjoy the pure nature there. We also had the chance to visit three small villages full of craft work. A very beautiful city is Antigua. In spite of many tourists, the city appears very traditional and has a lot of charm, thanks to the Maya culture which is still visible everywhere.

Donation appeal for children in Granada

At the beginning of the next month, we want to give some joy to the children of Granada by equipping them with new school materials for their second school term. Therefore, we need your support. Tell your family, friends and other people you know about our plan or donate a few Euros yourself. Only with your help, we can give the children a chance for education and hence, an opportunity to have a future without poverty.

Here you come to the link of the project on betterplace. Moreover, you can watch and share a video of the handing over of the school packages. We are very grateful for your support!


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