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Helping the mentally ill in the north

Project N_L.10 is located in the northern mountain range of Nicaragua, in Matagalpa. It takes care of mentally ill and their relatives. It is not only offering group therapy but also gives advice on how to deal with mental illness to relatives and makes calls for one on one therapy sessions with its clients. To give you a better understanding of what this project does we asked our volunteer Christoph for a little insight:
“I began my voluntary work in project N_L.10 on September 22nd.
We usually start working at 8 a.m. Since the project is paired with a laundry service, we also help from time to time. In the laundry service works a man with post-traumatic stress disorder. He is nice and sometimes he even plays the guitar and sings for us.
In the mornings, we accompany our colleague to visit patients. Since there are no street names or numbers it can be quite the adventure to find our destination. We talk to our clients and usually extend invitations to group meetings with our organisation. Depending on the state of mind of our patients and the time it takes to get around, we visit about two to four clients a day.
In the afternoons, usually workshops are held for the clients by me and Katharina, another volunteer. On some days, we hold informative talks for the clients’ family members, on how to deal with mental illnesses and help their sick relatives. We are always allowed to bring our own ideas into the organisation.”
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A day-care centre for the less fortunate

We would like to introduce a second project to you this month. It is located in Granada. Project N_F.28 is a child care centre looking after children from socially deprived backgrounds living in the poorer districts of the city. Overall there are two groups to look after in this project. The older kids come in the morning and the younger ones in the afternoon. The care centre is supposed to ensure and support the children’s’ psychological and physiological development. At the same time the project aims to make sure that these children can attend school and is therefore supporting their mothers, who are usually single-parenting, in finding work and progressing professionally. Your commitment is needed! Teach English, create after school activities, impart your knowledge and learn a lot for yourself!
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Welcome and Goodbye

This last month six new volunteers found their way to Central America. Sarah looks after children from disadvantaged backgrounds in project N_F.23, here in Granada. The children in project N_F.22 are happy to have David who will be doing all sorts of physical exercises with them. At the Laguna de Apoyo we are very grateful for Leandras support for project N_F.31. Léon also welcomes a new volunteer. Henri is working with ecological farming in project N_H.11. In Guatemala, we are also happy to see new faces: Anna supports project G_J.23 in its therapy centre for children and adolescents. Our animal and wildlife project G_L.01 is happy to work with Katinka.

Sadly, we also had to say goodbye to some of our volunteers in October. The time Cathrin and Sebastian spent on Ometepe has come to an end, they both made the time of the kids in project N_N.05 enjoyable. Rainer has left project N_J.01 where he gave language lessons in German.

We want to thank all our volunteers for their engagement and support!

Saying Goodbye to Katharina 

October also brought change to our office in Granada. Our office volunteer Katharina supported us in these last months in social media, marketing and accounting. Also, as a flat mate she made sure that life was never boring around here.
We all will miss you!
We wish you all the best for your studies and say thank you for your endless support!

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Do you know…MATAGALPA?

Matagalpa – If you like coffee and mountains this is just the place for you. This sweet small town in the heart of Nicaragua’s north is surrounded by mountains and built on hills of different sizes. All of them give you a perfect view over the city and some are pretty steep, so if it is raining you’ll have to walk in wavy lines to make it to the top. The friendly Matagalpinos aren’t stressing much about this and make their way in a calm and relaxed manner – sometimes it still feels like time stands still here. In the town and its surroundings there is a lot to discover. The agreeable climate, hiking opportunities, amazing coffee and the heavenly waterfalls make Matagalpa worth a visit!
Christoph and Katinka are on Facebook!

There are periodical publications from Christoph and Katinka on Facebook since October. They tell you about their experiences as Proyecto Mosaico volunteers in Nicaragua and Guatemala. Besides of the impressions of their projects you also get information about the possible leisure activities and the lifestyles. Thank you, Christoph and Katinka for your commitment. We look forward to your further Posts!

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