Report Corazon Contento Jan – May 2017








2017 started for all members of Corazon Contento with lots of energy. In the first 5 months we have initiated many successful activities which we will discuss.  These activities along  with   Television and Radio coverage has helped  generate more awareness Nationally about Corazon Contento and at the same time creates confidence for our participants.

What impressed me the most was when we started Contentparte the participants without disabilities were afraid to interact with or participants.  After a few weeks a bond was formed and most interesting the lead non-disabled girl from our play, asked our lead, who has cerebral palsy, to be her date at her quincenera (special 15th birthday party.)   He had never participated in such an event and again we accomplished our goals of integration, tolerance, and respect.

If you have a moment please go to Youtube and see some of the videos of The Little Prince, the fashion show, and the TV interview on the “ Day of the Disabled”. In this manner with your help we will continue improving the quality of life of Special Needs individuals in Granada.

William Ashman



1)   Area of early stimulation

2)   Area of Psychology and Speech Therapy

3)   Area of occupational therapy

4)   Contentarte

5)   Fashion show “ Fashion with heart”

6)  Visits y volunteers

7)   Future activities

8)   Thanks for your support

Area of Early Stimulation

The number of participants continues to grow through the references from local hospitals and word of mouth. The General Hospital (Hospital Japonesa) requested that we work with premature babies  due their very high death rate. I am proud to say that after working with over 200 premature babies none have passed away.  Through the work of the parents and our professionals their lives will have a much brighter future.

Area of Early Simulation
















This  photo  shows  some  of  the  parents  with  their children that were born prematurely.




Alba Pujols, a teacher of musical education participates in a workshop with premature babies showing the parents how to stimulate their children with the rhythm of music..

rhythm of music 2 rhythm of music

Area of Psychology and Speech Therapy

This area attends presently to 103 children that show one of the following:

Intellectual Disability

Problems with Personal Conduct.

Autism, Uncontrolled behavior , Asberger Syndrome

Learning Disabilities

Emotional Disorders

Other psycological problems.

All of the children are evaluated by our professionals and we work with their families and their schools. The demand is high for we are the only institution offering this service in Granada.  It is also why we are trying to build the new sound proof buildings for we have run out of space and the noise of the Street is distracting.


Autism or


Some of the youth in Occupational Therapy with autism or physical disabilities are participating in Equine Therapy every week in order to stimulate their balance, improve their posture and create a calming atmosphere. This activity was started due to the support of Amy and Darrell  Bushnell who permits us to use  their farm, a beautiful finca called “Painted Pony.” Also, Lidia Teixidor, who dedicates her time and effort to support this program!   We have already seen great results .


great results


Our   40   Young   adults   with   disabilities   continue developing, gaining Independence and autonomy each day. In this photo our Friends from the School of Mime and  Comedy  joined  our  youth  in  an  “Afternoon  of Circus.”  Everyone had a ball!


Everyone had a ball

Other youth with physical disabilities receive classes of Taekwondo every Friday. With this form of stimulation the youth feel more personally secure and their physical condition improves.


Condition improves


During the “ International Day of Down Syndrome” our Youth visited Channel 2 TV for an interview on the “Morning Show Nicaragua ”.


TV Show


In  addition  to  these  activities  our  youth  work  in  our vegetable garden, visit the market to buy food etc, help in the kitchen, leisure activities, etc, always with the goal of social integration.

12 of our youth are participating, since January, in our Pre- labor workshop.   This includes the participation of work study time in Hotels, Restaurants etc in the Month of September. The support of the companies that are particpating in the workshop are very important for our students’ development and ultimate ability to find permanent employment.

Thanks to the help of Hotel con Corazon and Casa San Francisco,  our youth can learn basic skills such as arranging rooms in a Hotel, giving them experience for potentially acquiring a job in the future.

Hotel San


in the future



Since August of 2016, this Project was intended to integrate 10 youth without disabilities and 11 youth with disabilities. They participated together painting, singing, dancing and ultimately performed “The Little Prince with Out Borders.”

We now have had 4 performances: two in Managua, one in Masatepe and one in Granada. Each performance was sold out!

The Moral of the play is, “what is Essential is not visible to the eyes and can only be “seen” through the heart”. It was our attempt to to express the importance of respect of all differences and the importance of tolerance.



The 21st of March, we commemorated  “The International Day of Down Syndrome”, in the shopping Center “Multicentro Las Brisas”. Our Youth performed a fashion show as models.  We want to thank all the supporters for the event.  I do not think I have seen more excitement from our Youth except maybe the parents of the children watching this activity!

Fashion Show “Fashion With Heart”

this activity this activity 2



Girl in Yellow

Girls in Play



Corazon Contento received volunteers and students with the motive to improve our services and at the same time discuss their ideas and suggestions. Among the volunteers that we received during the trimester were:

Robert Gray (professor of Physical Ed)

Sonia Ibarrondo (Social Worker)

Virginia Aquilar (Teacher of Social Science)

Alba Pujols (Master of Musical Education)

Maria Lozano (Special Education Teacher)

We want to thank all of you for your support and work during your time with us.




These are the groups that visited Corazon Contento in this first semester:

Rotary Club

Viva Nicaragua

University of Cincinnati

Ave Nicaragüita,

University of Clarkson

All of them provided their strength and knowledge to help improve our services!



Visitors 2


We  also  received  visits  from  primary  schools.  The students  really  enjoyed  participating  in  our  recycled

paper workshop.  They also learned to work with people with disabilities and accepted the differences.   In this

photo the children are from St Agustine in Managua.


We had several events to raise money. This picture in Granada shows a concert organized by the Bar and Restaurant “La Hacienda.”   Thanks to Ivo Schmets, the owner, and all the people that purchased our products at the event.


Money Events


Future activities

We are now organizing The Party for Mother’s Day. It is always a very emotional and happy event for all the mothers who day after day fight for their children. We are also planning two events to support the Center during “Disability awareness Week 2017”.  “Firstour” our annual 5K run and a Concert benefiting Corazon Contento.

In the near future we will provide more details! 

Thanks for your support

Ashman family

Paul Wyckoff


Ann Wyckoff

Martha Wyckoff

Fundación Funciona

Sylvia Burns

Darrell and Amy Bushnell

Centro Social Tío Antonio


Club Activo 20-30

Escuela del Mimo y la Comedia

TEW Foundation

COE Consultores

Comercializadora El Tamarindo

Seattle University

Jay y Colleen Clark

Norcliffe Foundation

Scott y Lilly Vaughn

Jerry Tone

Steve Romein and Ty Cramer

Carlos Sanchez y Maury

Blandon , gasolinera UNO

Restaurante La Hacienda

Hotel con Corazón

Hotel Patio del Malinche

Ferretería El esfuerzo

Ave Nicaraguita

Viva Nicaragua

Clarklson University


Lesa Sroufe

Porellos Nicaragua

Skip y Barbara Vaughn

Rick y Jan Kellogg

Mr y Mrs Mark Paris


Deloy y Kate Oberlin

Mia y Jos Bomers

Gerard y Tilly van Rooijen

Grousemont Foundation

Inez Swanson y Cloud 9 of St Steven´s Church

Maria Philip y Lori Elhardt   Hotel Casa San Francisco

Garden Café