The Story of Fineline Interiors

Alvaro and David, owners of  Fineline Interiors — Located in Managua 3 blocks west of Club Terraza on Pista Jean Paul Gennie — are excited to invite you to browse our beautifully designed showroom for furnishing you home or apartment with our fine furniture, hand -picked imported accessories, and magnificent art collection. As you enter our Traditional 1970’s architecture showroom, you will be transformed by an explosion of color and an array of modern details along with one-of-kind imported accessories.  Exciting pieces of art paintings and sculptures) from both Famous well-known Nicaraguan artists as well as the new up-and-coming talent of Nicaragua will catch you eye throughout the space.

Since our opening mid-December, our customers have expressed their need for a design showroom with such an innovative modern approach to updating existing architecture. Also, builders and developers are excited to work with us in furnishing model homes and connecting the new homeowner with us. We can provide an exciting adventure in furnishing your home, unlike any other you can find in Nicaragua. You will find that we have the ability to travel to your home, provide complimentary interior design assistance to you, and we can then customize any of the pieces in our showroom, or reinvent any piece of furniture you may have a photo of without additional cost, in an expeditious manner, since our factory is located in Costa Rica, just four hour from our Showroom in Nicaragua.

As a point of interest, David had furniture stores in the United  States during the 1980’s and 90’s, and together with Alvaro, we have been involved over the past five years with our factory in Costa Rica in supplying interior packages to hotels and residences of ex-Pats in Panama while living there ourselves. Not happy at all living in Panama, we decided to move to Alvaro’s native home of Nicaragua, and began working with some developers and hotels here, and after the many requests we received from native Nicaraguan individuals, we decided to open a retail showroom as well.

After moving to this “enchanted wonderland” called Nicaragua, you will find, as we did, that you will leave the ‘resistance’ of your life behind. People will appear softer and kinder here in Nicaragua, and you will notice that everyone will try to help you accomplish whatever it may be that you are attempting to do, always with smiles on their faces. Along with all of the positive aspects of Nicaragua, you, coming from a super swift, exacting and demanding culture, will come to the realization that things just take much longer here.

We, however, at FineLine have been able to bring the best of both worlds to you, as we integrate the soft kindness and attention to detail in customer service, along with the efficient accuracy which you have been so accustomed to in the past. We are fluent in English and Spanish, and understand your expectations of quality craftsmanship as well as in customer service. FineLine has the ability to realize your vision from inception to manifestation, and has the wherewithal to deliver your dream to you in a timely manner.

Our furniture is spectacularly crafted from the finest, hand-picked, kiln-dried wood (melina), and upholstered with the highest quality fabrics.  We hold ourselves to the level of expertise, exactly as you would expect to experience in the finest establishments with the United States.

With this said, you can be assured that our prices are in alignment with your expectations. Whether or not you are furnishing the mansion of your dreams, the retirement home of your dreams, an escape haven, or just wish to introduce or replace a piece within your décor, it is our promise to you that you will not find better service, a higher quality selection, or individuals more eager to help you with your interior,  anywhere in Nicaragua.

We are open Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm, or by appointment as well.

Warmly –Alvaro and David


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