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By Dr. Jerry Lee Hoover N.D.

One should only eat three meals a day if they want to avoid many digestive problems. If you have a snack between meals it is considered a meal even though the snack was just a cookie, candy bar, enz.. Every time you eat something all your organs of digestion have to go to work, your mouth, stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, small and large intestines to digest what you just ate, even if it was just one cookie. Of course it does not take as long to digest a cookie as it does a large meal. So let’s say you have breakfast, then in the middle of the morning you have a cup of coffee and a donut, then your noon meal, in the middle of the afternoon you have an ice cream cone, then your evening meal and during a late movie on TV you have some popcorn. You have put your digestive organs to work six times during the day and you cannot understand why you are having indigestion problems.

Let’s take a look at some of these organs individually to help understand why three meals a day can cause stomach problems. Let’s start with the stomach, one of its jobs is to provide gastric juices to help break down the food you eat, but it can’t produce enough of these gastric juices for six meals so it takes longer for the food to get digested and the food starts to spoil in the stomach, when finally the stomach has finally got the food into a semi liquid state ready to enter the small intestine and you decide to eat a snack, now this new food enters the stomach and the original food is held up in the stomach until the new food is also in a liquid state. One other problem I forgot to mention is that God did not put our teeth in our stomach and most individuals do not properly chew their food causing extra work for the stomach to break it down. The gallbladder and pancreas are the next stop for the food after it leaves the stomach and has entered into the first part of the small intestines. The gallbladder produces a bile that breaks down the fats that were in the food and the pancreas makes the insulin which is a hormone for metabolizing the sugar and both of these organs are over worked. One of the reasons those later in life end up with type 2 diabetes is they have overworked their pancreas for the past 30 of 40 years eating large amounts of refined sugars and eating more than three meals a day. The liver is the largest organ in the body and does over 500 functions that we know of causing it also to be overworked by processing food from six different meals. I can say the same for the large and small intestines. So if you are having digestive problems I recommend staying on a three meal a day program most of the time, it’s okay to cheat once in a while.

Some Simple Tips To Improve Digestion

Having problems with constipation? Drink more water, eat more high fiber foods and do not eat cheese as it is the worst food for causing constipation.

Having problems with gall stones? Cut back on all fried foods as all vegetable oils, even olive oil, are 100% fat. Also cut back on foods that are high in fat, such as cheese and bacon which are 85% fat.

Having problems with the pancreas, which can lead to diabetes? Cut back on refined sugars, most sodas have between 8 naar 10 teaspoons of sugar and put an overload on the pancreas. Also a high fat diet effects the pancreas. If you want something sweet, eat fresh fruits as the sugar from fresh raw fruit does not overload the pancreas. Those with diabetes should eat a whole cucumber everyday as there are phyto chemicals in the cucumber that help the pancreas to produce insulin.

Having Liver problems? Excessive alcohol consumption can destroy the liver. Many prescribed medications can also destroy the liver and though we are not looking specifically at the kidneys these medications can also destroy the kidneys.


If you have been having digestive problems and will follow these simple natural ways of eating, your digestive problems will improve. We are what we eat, good wholesome food consumed in moderation three times a day will do wonders for our health.

About The Author

Dr. Jerry Lee Hoover N.D. is retired and lives in Granada Nicaragua. Is de auteur van drie boeken, NATURAL MEDICINE which has 47 chapters on just about every topic, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, enz.. His book is also in Spanish and can be down loaded free from his web site, (www.cancernaturalcure.com), His second book Natural Ways To Prevent Cancer was published 2 years ago and can be purchased through Amazon Kindle His latest book Radiation From Cell Phones, WiFi, can also be purchased through Amazon Kindle.