Two Architects You Need to Know

BJC Arquitectos

Juan Barberena & Jessica Cespedez

Many of the major builders and contractors here have used this young Granada husband-wife team of architects. If you are thinking of building a home, doing a restoration, a hotel or even a condominium complex it may be to your advantage to speak with them. But don’t let their youthful appearance fool you, they have a lot of experience and major projects under their belts. And they are not just architects, they can work with you through the entire building process.

Among many other projects, they worked on the Hotel Dario expansion, the Hotel Casa San Francisco extension, restoration of Hotel La Bocona and the new condominium complex being built on Calle Cuiscoma. Also, they have worked on many homes, restorations and even a restaurant. I will let Jessica tell their story. (Darrell Bushnell)

My name is Jessica Cespedes and my husband’s name is Juan Barberena. We recently realized our dream which was to open our own design and construction office in Granada though we do projects in many areas of Nicaragua. We named our new baby, ‘’BJC ARQUITECTOS’’, which is a combination of our last names. And fate played a major role in our coming together.

It has been an adventure being part of many colonial restorations around the city as well as new constructions at various levels of scale. Many of our customers have become good friends. Our business offers bilingual, personalized design and construction.  It has been exciting working on major and small projects alike, turning people’s dreams into reality. Among other projects, we are working with a couple to build a San Juan del Sur beach home and they have become very good friends.

But this realized dream of ours would not have happened if not for the amazing life journey that brought us together. Many years ago while we were just teenagers, we first met each other. At that time it was just a nice friendship, not knowing that the future would keep bringing us together until that day we would become husband and wife. To be honest, we each had our own problems at that time (ex-boyfriends are always a problem). Time passed and eventually we were going to college when we discovered that we were studying for the same major. My first design project came along and I needed help so guess who I called for assistance? Yes I called my old friend Juan.

Well that was the point where we realized what we wanted to do with our lives. Over time our paths crossed several times so we decided not to cross each other’s way anymore. We agreed to have a life together so after 2 more years we became married which started our family but also when “BJC Arquitectos” was born as well. Our business offers all that we think is the best for people coming to and investing in the historic city of Granada and other locations in Nicaragua.

We prefer to get involved early in the design phase so that we can manage the project more efficiently, provide effective building solutions, and identify challenges early on to mitigate design changes after construction commencement. This involves detailed pre-construction planning crucial to successful construction and on-time delivery, and allows the client and team a clear pathway to the bidding process, construction phase, and through to completion.


Is to craft places that live in memory based on the sculpting of light, surface, material and space. We provide creative solutions to our client’s specific circumstances. We employ research-driven processes that yield efficient and unique solutions. We believe in the financial responsibility of the architect, client relationship. Quality is the ultimate measure of value.


Design Excellence – We believe in the extraordinary power of design to influence the quality of life.

Integrity – We stake our reputation and our relationships on honesty, trust, respect and financial integrity. We desire clients who believe in the same.

Innovation – We question accepted methods in order to access improved processes and technologies.

Collaboration – We participate in a co-creative process with clients, consultants and contractors.

If anytime you are in Granada, Nicaragua and need assessment for your construction process, a beautiful personalized design, someone to build your dream or just to ask questions about your project, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our office. It is always a pleasure to meet with new customers. Look at our website to see some of our projects.

Many regards and hope to meet you,

Juan Barberena & Jessica Cespedez

Office Location: Del parque Sandino 1 cuadra al Sur, ½ cuadra al este. Granada Nicaragua

8269-3380 – 8813-7750


  1. tim sewell

    September 20, 2016 at 6:23 pm

    I recently bought a farm in the Chinandega area where I am in the process of building a 4000+ sf house. I needed the services of an architect to do some design and draw my house plans. You can imagine what an ordeal this could be if you are not fluent in Spanish and the architect you are dealing with has not a clue of American house plan terms and what Americans want in terms of floor plans, closets, where to put bathrooms and hallways, etc.. I was introduced to a young professional licensed architect named Rodrigo Watson who produced for me a thorough professional set of house plans with dimensions in feet and meters that included everything you would get in the states….floor plan, roof plan, 3D elevations,etc. He speaks fluent English and understands what you want. His fees are quite reasonable and he is honest and a pleasure to deal with. He works the entire country of Nicaragua out of his office in Managua.
    You can contact him (505)8809 2338 Movistar or
    Tim Sewell

    • Arch Juan B Barberena

      September 21, 2016 at 1:58 pm

      We are glad to know that there is a new generation of architects, in our case we use the same standard from us in all our projects. If you need anything You can also contact us to the email thanks for reading our article.

  2. Karen

    September 25, 2016 at 8:20 am

    As a person who has been living abroad all over for more than 15 years it’s is not easy to find people with your good values and work ethic. Well done. I really enjoyed reading your article. My husband and I are currently looking at property for a small hotel type idea in Nicaragua, eco friendly in Highlands near nature reserve or near ocean. Any up and coming areas you recommend checking out?

    • Juan Barberena

      September 25, 2016 at 8:32 am

      hello Karen, we are glad te ear that you enjoy reading the article. we think a good place could be near the mombacho area for your eco friendly hotel. we will be glad to schedule a meeting with you in our office whenever you have time available. you can also write us to email

      arch. Juan B Barberena
      BjC architects

  3. R. Trembley

    January 3, 2017 at 1:12 am

    We recently used BJC architects for a housing project design project on a property located near Granada. They were recommended by a local expatriate builder who also enjoyed an excellent reputation in the Granada community.

    The project itself was somewhat complicated in that it was located on a hillside with a topside entry and very steep uneven terrain. BJC came with a stunning design that resolved our technical problems and optimised some beautiful views. The overall layout optimised construction costs and civil specialists were consulted to make sure that all retaining walls were adequate for the house and pool.

    Hillside homes will always be more expensive to build but we (my wife and I) were satisfied that BJC had taken all possible precautions and considerations.

    We have delayed construction of the property but will certainly use BJC during land preparation and construction to ensure the property is properly built.

    I strongly recommend that you drop by BJC Granada for a visit before selecting your architects for your next building project.

    • Jessica Cespedes

      January 24, 2017 at 12:17 pm

      Thanks very much for your comment we really enjoy the challenge of designing and your project was so special for us, we are always happy when customer is happy! say hello to karla and our doors are always open for you both!

      Juan and Jessica.
      BjC architects.